Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We would like to request our valued users to properly go through the Terms of Use before using GroomingGearBox.com services.

Our services are only accessible with your compliance and acceptance of the terms mentioned here. These terms are not mainly intended for a specific user or group; instead, they are for all the current and potential users.

When you are using our services, you agree to comply with all the terms. If we do not agree with any of the terms, then we would highly discourage using any of the services we provide.

GroomingGearBox’s Intellectual Property

All the services provided by the site and the contents present in it are the intellectual property of Grooming Gear Box.

Affiliation with Other Websites

Our services accommodate many third-party websites and services for ease of use, as suitable third-party utilities provide enormous assistance for both the site and its users. However, these third-party sites or services are not controlled or authorized by Grooming Gear Box.

Therefore, Grooming Gear Box is not to be held accountable for any third-party conduct.

Grooming Gear Box will not be responsible for any loss of property or damages that occurred due to using any of the mentioned third-party websites or services. Therefore, we strongly suggest you thoroughly read the third-party website terms and conditions before using any of their services.

Termination of the Service

We hereby declare that we have the right to terminate all access or services of our site if any of the terms are breached by the user.

Changing the Terms of Use

Grooming Gear Box has the authority to bring in any possible changes at any given time. All the changes and updates will be implemented on the site immediately. It is the responsibility of the user to check for any potential changes in the policies and terms before they obtain any service from the site.


Each of the services is offered on an “as is” and “as available” basis. It is your own risk and responsibility to use the service. Our services come with any warranty policies whatsoever, whether that be limited or implied.

Having Your Say

At Grooming Gear Box, we highly appreciate the users’ compliments and positive suggestions that can alleviate the quality of our services. We will always appreciate the comments and propositions made in a concise, clear, and polished language without any direct or underlying sense of vulgarity and with the intent to help us make our services more effective and practical.

You may publish a comment or contact us using the contact address. You agree that while making comments or sending your remarks on private mails, you will not:

  • Harass or use obscene language
  • Expose any private information or the right of privacy of any individual
  • Upload or publish any material which is already an intellectual property of someone else.
  • Upload stolen or plagiarized materials
  • Upload any material that goes against the laws of the country
  • Harass or collect emails or other contact details of other users

Personal Information

We would highly encourage you to maintain maximum caution while uploading any information about yourself or any of the family members.

We do not own or hold responsibilities for the contents posted by other users on our site and completely disassociate from any possible harm caused by the users’ posted contents.

User contents or forums are not the official spokespeople for Grooming Gear Box and its owners.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our terms and policies, please feel free to contact us.