How To Take Care Of Long Hair For Men

Take Care Of Long Hair

A well-maintained head with long hair can be a fantastic look as your hair is the first thing someone notices the moment they look at you.

The fact is, that guys only rely on short hair as maintenance, and taking care of long strands of hair brings a bit challenging situation. While the sort of hair tends to require less time and effort.

Proper caring is crucial to preserving your long hair in top condition. If you damage other parts of your body like your arm, it will heal soon. On the other hand, hair has only protein with no blood supply, if damaged will never heal.

What to do with that?

Proper hair care is crucial to make damaged hair appear less damaged and prevent further damage.

Not all the guys will keep long hair, but someone whose long hair is well taken care of, no doubt looks great.

Before achieving long strands of hair, make sure to have realistic goals. The goal of the maintenance of long is going to be something that will fit your personality.

Following are the valuable tips you need to take care of your, long hair.

take care of long hair

Be Prepared For The Long Hair Journey

Just like doing anything else, you need to plan before you start the long hair journey. You’ll be required something extra to care for your hair, and that includes time and effort.

To align your long hair with your lifestyle, get started with a cool haircut recommended by hairstyle experts.  The other thing that matters the most is hair tools. Get the right hair tools. Don’t think to ignore this part to get the job done right, you need the right tools.

Before you go top market for taking tools and products, you should know the hairstyle you want to get. After that take the tools that work better for you.

Don’t be afraid to choose the best quality items, even if it needs paying some extra cash from you. They will keep your hair in perfect condition and will lose for a long time.

Generally, there’re hundreds of hair care products and tools on the market, pick up those that work best for your long hair care.

If you know nothing about the best product and tools that work better for your long hair, don’t worry, we’ll make you able to choose the right thing. Just follow our long hair care tips for guys.

Wash Your Hair But Don’t Repeat

No matter how tiring your morning at work or your evening at the soccer field has been, cleansing your hair is necessary to prevent grim accumulation. Beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair starts at the shower. So you need to know how you wash your hair.

The shampoo is a good way to detoxify your scalp and give a tiny message to encourage blood flow. Try to shampoo your scalp with fingers not nails.

Then just use a hairdryer to restore moisture. While rinsing your hair, go for cool water. Blasting your hair with heat water dries the hair and creates tangles that could lead you to hair breakage. Also, make sure not to over wash the hair.

Your scalp produces natural oils to keep your hair moisture. If you shampoo daily, you may strips these essential oils away. By continuing the shampooing process brings a bumpy situation in the natural cycle of oil production.

Your scalp produces natural oils to keep your hair moisture. If you shampoo daily, you may strip these essential oils away. Continuing the shampooing process brings a bumpy situation in the natural cycle of oil production.

Dry Your Hair Nicely

I think you too rub your hair overwhelming with a towel to make it dry after you step out from the shower.

No, don’t repeat that process again!

Rubbing the hair through a towel, hair may be caught due to the thread of pulling and stretching it with a force.  This may also damage the outer layer of hair and split it.

Try to stroke the hair in the direction of it grows, shake out excess water, and dry it.

Drying your hair with a hairdryer? Keep the hair drying nozzle down with a low heat setting. Blow drying on several heat-setting is the worst thing of almost every man’s routine.

If you want to finish the process without drying and damaging your hair, you have to pay attention to how frequently, and how wisely you practice the hairdryer. The first thing makes sure to use a warmth safety product beforehand. Always keep the hairdryer away from your hair. Commonly the dryer should be three inches far from the hair strands. If you keep the hairdryer from one side for drying, it pushes your hair all around your head.

Therefore keep the nozzle down at a distance of 3 inches away from the head for the desired result.

Don’t Over Use Hair Care Products

Nothing is violent while using hair products for the look and style you want to show, like gel, wax, pomade, and even hair spray. Haircare experts also recommend using styling products to make your hair shiny and hold it in place. But practicing too many products can have a negative impact on your hair and make it look heavy and unnatural.

So use the right amount and the right product that you need, rather than applying random and excess amounts.

Here’s we present you with some products that can help you figure out the right one.

  • The gel is a shiny product having a high capacity of holding. Applying gel stays the hair in one place and gives it the wet look.
  • It’s an oil-based product, and cannot get out of your hair easily. This means there is no doubt that wax holds your hair in place.
  • Pomade product is familiar for achieving a retro look and high shine. The product has lesser holds compared to competing products.
  • The product has medium hold and shine, that’s why paste is the best option to have a medium to long hairstyle.
  • Clays and muds. Clays and Muds are dryer products, have little shine, and you may find from high to low hold a lot in between. So how long your hair is, you can pick up the right hold product in the given range.

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Use The Right Bairbrush

A natural bristle brush should be your best friend. As we are talking about long hair, so it’s super important that the hairbrush helps your hair make it smooth and protect it from breakage. Also, brushes with natural bristles keep the friction at a minimum level which helps make the combing process easier and fine.

The quality brush makes your hair smooth, fine and doesn’t pull out hair strands. If you have thin hair on the top don’t do a comb-over ever.

if you have a fair amount of hair on the sides but your hair is thinning on top, so don’t cover the brave spots on your head with a comb-over.

Doing so could be an awful decision and it’s never looking good.

How to fix it?

Get a haircut that favors yourself and suits your thinning style instead.

Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Excessive exposure to the sun, harmful UV rays can damage skin as well as your hair. Well, now you know the effect of such threatening rays and need to do something about that.

Stay far from direct sun for long hours.  Still, if you must go exposed on a sunny day, especially in summer, remember to carry an umbrella or a hat/cap.

The good news is that there’s a variety of hair products designed to defend your hair against sun rays. Even shampoos and conditioner has been made that can help you protect your hair from sun rays when washing with.

Feel free to use such a product and make sure your long hair protection from the sun.

How to Maintain Hair Health

Hopefully, the above tips will bring you happiness in achieving the look you want in long hair, but most importantly these hair care tips could be applied when your hair is healthy.

The condition of your body’s health affects the condition of your hair, ultimately your hair tends to reflect the condition of your body. Poor diet, smoking, stress, and lack of sleep may all contribute to dull and poor health. poor health as a result can have lifeless looking hair.

Although the product can fix your hair a little but can’t keep it moving healthy with an unhealthy body. To avoid such irregularly you need to eat well and nourish your hair.

Apart from your ordinary hair care habitual of shampooing, daily brushing, and styling, move one step in advance to absolutely nourish your hair. All you want to do is barely warm 4 spoons of olive oil, rub down it on your scalp, and follow it to the length of the hair. Wait for an hour and wash it with heat water. As the Mediterranean’s preferred oil is thought for its excessive tiers of vitamin E and K, it’ll moisturize the lengths so that your hair might be left softer and smoother.

You may not be aware of the fact that hair care and health begin with the foods you eat. Therefore, to get healthy and long hair, you have to eat foods that keep your hair nourished all the time.

To do so, eat well food containing vitamin B7 (biotin, folic acid, protein)

Eggs, leafy vegetables, nuts, and maybe lean meat are must-haves in your diet.

Soon you’ll notice hair that’s healthy and strong too.


Hopefully, the above tips will help you accomplish the desired look and hairstyle for your long hair. Most importantly it will help you keep your hair healthy as possible.

Long hair is a bit difficult to maintain, but like anything else, healthy and strong long hair can be brought off through consistent efforts and accurate knowledge.

Taking care of your hair is one of the foremost important healthy habits to adopt. Once you know the type of your hair, you can make a routine in place that’s easy and simple to maintain.

If you have healthy and strong hair, different tips and techniques could be adopted for styling. That’s why firstly you should think about hair health. Make yourself sure on how to maintain hair health, after that giving the tips a practical form is crucial.

The rest is what we want?

Nothing but we want to make your long hair enjoyable by caring it the right way.