Men’s Skincare Routine Oily Skin

Men’s Skincare Routine

Oily skin has always been one of those conditions that all men want to handle with the utmost care. In the recent times, men have become more conscious about taking care of their oily skin. And, probably this is the reason they have become sort of desperate while looking for the best men’s skincare routine oily skin.

To be honest, dealing with oily skin is not just a piece of cake. Instead, it is more like a challenging job for any man. So, the best thing to do is to gather appropriate knowledge regarding skin care for oily skin men.

For the last few months, I have received lots of emails and messages from my readers, who have a keen interest in oily skin care routine men. Besides, I also personally feel that it has become more than necessary for every man to have a complete understanding of the benefits of a proper skincare routine for oily skin.

So, I gave a deep thought to this particular matter and did an in-depth research. And, finally, I am here with a detailed discussion on men’s skin care routine for oily skin.

To organize everything a bit convenient for you, I have divided the entire discussion on skincare routine for oily skin men into a few sections. And, I must let you know the fact that each of the following sections carries equal importance in providing the ultimate solution for the men’s oily skin problem.

Moreover, at the end of this discussion, I will also share some SECRET tips that I follow in dealing with my oily skin. If you have an extreme level of problems with your oily skin, then it is a must to try those secret tips. I can bet – you will be highly benefitted from those tips of my mine.

So, fasten your seat belt as this may be a sort o bumpy ride for some men…

Before we start digging into the details of men’s oily skin care routine, the first thing that I think is important for you to know is the causes of oily skin.

What Causes Oily Skin In Males?

If you give a close look, you will find out that your facial skin emits some sort of extra shine. You have to know the fact that both men and women have oil in facial skin.

I think it would be better if I make something clear about your facial skin discussing the causes of men’s oily skin.

There is a sebaceous gland under the powers of your facial skin. That particular gland is responsible for producing oils in your skin, which is known as sebum. And, this natural oil helps in keeping your facial skin healthy and hydrated.

But, for some men, the saddest thing is that the sebaceous glands produce too much oil than. And, this is the main reason that leads to oily skin.

When your skin gives a shiner look on a continual basis, it indicates that you have oily skin. Also, oily skin has a tendency to give a greasy feeling within a short time after your cleansing job.

At times, it may lead to a breakout, which is completely annoying for any men. When the sebum gets mixed with the dead skin cells, the mixture creates a blockage in the pores of the skin. And, this may lead to oily breakouts – not less than a nightmare for any man who is too cautious about the facial skin.

If you want to handle your skin in the most effective way, the first thing you have to do is to gather proper knowledge about the causes of oily skin. This will help you to determine the cause of your oily skin. And, this will help you in deciding to take the right kind of step.

In the following, I have made a short discussion on the causes of oily skin in males –

• Genetics

Genetics is considered as one of the main reasons that can cause oily skin. If both of your parents or one of them has oily skin, then there is a higher chance that you will also have oily skin.

When your parents have oily skin, it is more likely to happen that you would have sebaceous glands that are too much active. As a result, you may become a victim of oily skin also.

• Age

Do you know the fact that your skin condition changes as you grow older?

Well, the thing is that aging skin tends to lose protein, such as collagen. And, this will affect the speed of the sebaceous glands. As a result, the amount of natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands also gets a slower speed.

And this is the reason for which people tend to face dry skin as they grow older. Besides, you will also notice wrinkles and fine lines when there is a lack of sebum and collagen.

But, there is one benefit for you if you have oily skin. And, the benefit is that you will notice the aging signs at a later period.

At this moment in time, the case could be like you have oily skin. But, as time passes by, you have to evaluate the condition of your facial skin. The interesting thing about the facial skin is that you may have one type of skin in your 20s, whereas you may have a completely different type of skin in your 30s.

An expert dermatologist can help you with making proper evaluations of your skin condition as you grow older. So, it is better to consult with an expert once in a year to get yourself acquainted with the changes to your facial skin.

• The Place You Live In & Temperature

While your age and genetics are 2 of the main causes of oily skin, it is also true that the place you live in and the temperature could also make a huge difference.

It is pretty much common that men do experience more oils in their facial skin when the climate is hot and humid. Besides, you usually face more oils on your skin during the summer season than you would during winter or fall.

Since it is not possible to control the temperature if the climate, so you can prepare a perfect men’s skincare routine. Following a proper routine on a daily basis will definitely help you in dealing with your oily skin.

  • Enlarged Pores

Every man needs to know the fact that the skin pores can be stretched out for a variety of reasons – weight fluctuations, age, and earlier breakouts. And, these larger pores may produce more oils on your skin.

It is not possible for you to shrink those larger sized pores. But, you can follow an effective skincare routine for oily skin men. This will help you to handle such larger skin pores in a more efficient way.

• Applying Wrong Skincare Products

You need to know the fact that using wrong skincare products can also cause different types of skin related problems. And, one such common problem is known as oily skin.

For example, you have a combination skin type. But, you don’t have the right idea about the combination skin. And, for that reason, you have used skincare products considering that you have oily skin.

So, this may lead to producing excessive oil, which will cause oily skin.

Whenever you decide to apply any skincare on your skin, it is very important for you to know about your skin type in the first place. Then, you have to look for high quality skincare products so that you can get a perfect solution to your skin problem.

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Symptoms of Oily Skin

So, you have already come to know about the causes of oily skin. Now, there is another important thing you should know, which is about the symptoms of oily skin.

In the following, I have listed some points that will help you know the symptoms of oily skin –

  • A greasy or shiny appearance.
  • Larger-sized pores in the skin.
  • Thick or rough skin.
  • Persistent or occasional pimples.
  • Blackheads and clogged pores.

You have to keep in mind that the symptoms of the oily skin may vary from man to man. Besides, genetics plays a massive role in this case.

So don’t get worried if you face multiple symptoms of oil skin at a time.

Men’s Skincare Routine Oily Skin

Now you have got a clear idea about the symptoms of oily skin. So, it is time to tell you about the best men’s skin care routine for oily skin.

If you study the following discussion with proper attention, then you will be able to learn the perfect men’s oily skin routine.

Step 1 – Cleansing Your Facial Skin

The very first thing you have to do is to cleanse your facial skin. In this case of cleansing your face, you have to be very careful while choosing the right kind of cleanser.

Keep in mind that using soap to wash your face can never be a good idea. In fact, applying soap on your facial skin can sometimes have adverse effects too. So, I never recommend anyone to use any soap on the facial skin.

So, the question is – “what should you use for the cleansing job”

According to the research I have done, I have found that using a good quality men’s cleanser is the best way for cleansing the facial skin. For oily skin, you have to find a men’s face cleanser that is specifically designed to handle such skin type.

Since it is your skin that we are talking about, so going for cheap or lower-priced face cleanser will never be a good decision.

The procedure is very simple in this case. First, you need to apply lukewarm water on your face. Then apply the men’s face cleanser on the facial skin and wait for a minute or two. Then, perform a thorough wash with lukewarm water.

If your skin is not much oily, then you may not need to use any kind of face cleanser. Sometimes, only lukewarm water with a normal cleanser can do the work.

Step 2 – Using A Toner

Using a toner can bring massive benefits for oily skin. A toner usually has alcohol that can help to dry the skin out.

According to a study, witch hazel (a common natural astringent) has some useful skin-soothing properties.

Witch hazel is basically a high-tannin element that mainly makes it as an anti-inflammatory and natural astringent. There can be found many men who use the witch hazel as their primary toner for taking care of the oily skin.

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This witch hazel can even fix the problem of larger pores in the facial skin. Also, it can clean the blockage of the skin pores, which is very important for ensuring healthy skin.

Since there are various types of toners available in the market, so you have to give a higher level of focus while choosing the toner for your oily skin.

Step 3 – Patting Your Face Dry

When you are done with the cleansing job and toner thing, the next thing you have to do is to pat your facial skin dry. In this case, choosing a soft and fresh towel can be the wisest decision to make.

However, you have to perform this step with the utmost care. Pulling down the towel on the facial skin with extreme pressure is never recommended. If you do so, it will do nothing but harm your facial skin.

Instead, you can give a gentle push on your skin, holding the soft towel. This is the best way to pat your face dry.

Step 4 – Using Blotting Papers

Using the blotting papers is another efficient way to deal with your oily skin. This is a special type of paper that is mainly designed to absorb oil from your facial skin.

Using a blotting paper, you can’t control the production of oil by the sebaceous glands. This paper will help you to extract excess oil from the facial skin so that your face can have a less shiny appearance.

But, the problem you will face in this case is choosing the right kind of paper as there are varieties of types available in the market. So, you just can’t choose any random one from those available ones. Instead, it would be better to select the best rated blotting papers in order to get your desired result.

For your information, you can use these blotting papers only when you are outside of your home under a hot and humid climate.

Step 5 – Using A Facial Mask

Certain types of facial masks can bring benefits for your oily skin. You can try the following types of facial masks depending on your preferences –

• Clay Mask

This type of mask has ingredients like bentonite or smectite, which work greatly in absorbing oils from your facial skin. This will also work for decreasing the sebum levels without causing any kind of skin irritation. And, all of these will help to reduce the shininess of your facial skin.

You can use this clay mask only once or twice a month. And, do not forget to apply a good quality men’s moisturizer after washing your face.

• Honey Mask

You can also try the honey mask as it can bring lots of benefits and advantages for oily skin. According to a 2011 study, it has been found that natural honey (raw) has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities.

So, if you apply a honey mask on your face and keep it for around 10 minutes, then you can find noticeable differences in your facial skin. Also, it will work great for keeping your skin soft.

But, do not apply this mask on a regular basis. I recommend you use this mask type on your face once or twice a month.

But, do not apply this mask on a regular basis. I recommend you use this mask type on your face once or twice a month.

• Oatmeal Mask

But, do not apply this mask on a regular basis. I recommend you use this mask type on your face once or twice a month.

Step 6 – Applying Moisturizers

In the last step, I am going to talk about the moisturizers as these can bring benefits to your skin in an efficient way.

Men who have a serious level of oily skin issue should use an oil-free moisturizer for keeping the facial skin protected and moist. And, it will also help to reduce the greasy feeling.

But, you have to choose a high quality oil-free moisturizer for men so that you can get the most effective result for your oily.

Secret Tips For Men’s Oily Skin

  • Salicylic Acid.
  • Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Dimethicone.
  • Oil Absorbers.
  • Glycolic Acid.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide.
  • Niacinamide.
  • Retinol.

The ingredient names I have mentioned work best when your concern is about dealing with oily skin.

Final Words

At this point, I can say that you have come to know about the men’s skincare routine oily skin after reading the above discussion.

Throughout this discussion, I have tried to cover almost everything you must know about preparing the perfect skincare routine for oily skin men. Besides, I have also explained all the reasons which are responsible for causing oily skin. Also, I have mentioned the symptoms of oily skin, as well.

I believe that you have got a clear understanding of the most appropriate men’s oily skin routine at this moment. If necessary, you can also check out more beauty tips for men.

And, lastly, if you have any question about skin care for oily skin men, then you can send me a direct message.

I will try to provide you with the best possible solution.

Take Care!