How To Store Shaving Soap To Keep It From Ruining

how to store shaving soap
how to store shaving soap

How to store shaving soap sounds like a topic that most men would have a keen interest in. Although shaving gels and cream are available at this moment in the market, men who prefer a clean and smooth shave would stick to shaving soap.

To be honest, shaving soap comes with numerous numbers of benefits and advantages. And, to make the best use of those advantages, you should have a clear idea about the proper method of storing your shaving soap.

The saddest part is most men do not have proper knowledge regarding the storing of shaving soap. That’s the reason, the question arises in their mind – “How do I store shaving soap?”

Frankly speaking, the ideal way every man should follow is to keep shaving soap inside the container they come with. But, you have to be careful enough before keeping shaving soap in the container or else your shaving soap may be dried up.

While storing my shaving soap, I usually ‘FOLLOW’ some useful methods. And, TODAY, I’m going to share my experiences as well as my methods so that you can also get the same benefits as I have been having for the last couple of years.

Let’s start with a list of some mandatory steps that I believe you should follow from right at this very moment:

Step 1 – Clean Your Shaving Soap

When you’re done with using your shaving soap, the first thing you should do is to clean the soap properly.

This cleaning thing is like an unavoidable step.

So, whenever you store shaving soap, you should begin by cleaning the soap.

Now, the question is – “how will you clean shaving soap” and “What will you clean?”

Well, the procedure of cleaning your shaving soap is not that difficult. You just need to be a bit careful and conscientious.

First, take a thorough look at the shaving soap to check if any particles or lather is there on the shaving soap. If you find any, then take a clean piece of cloth or towel, and rub it off over the soap with the whole purpose of cleaning lather or any other sort of particle.

In this case, never use water because it will do nothing but a waste of your soap. At the same time, using water to clean shaving soap can also reduce the fragrance of the soap.

For this reason, I always prefer using a clean piece of towel for performing such a task. In this regard, I always keep 2 pieces of towels so that I don’t get short in towel if I lose one by any chance.

You can also follow the same idea to be on the safest side.

What’s your pick? Let me know…..

Step 2 – Dry Your Shaving Soap

When you’re finished cleaning your shaving soap, the next thing you have to do is to dry up the shaving soap before you put it in the container.

Before you put the shaving soap in the container, you have to be sure about 2 things –

  • Your shaving soap should be properly dried up.
  • The container should also be free from any moisture.

In this case of drying up the shaving soap, the method may vary a bit depending on the type of shaver you are.

If you’re the type who uses the dry shaving brush and use a separate container or mug for creating lather, then you don’t have to worry much.

Using this method will let your shaving soap be dried up within a very short time. When your shaving is done, you just have to keep the lid of the container open for an hour. A period of 60 minutes is enough to let you shaving soap be completely dried up.

And, then, you can close the lid of the container and make sure to tighten the lid properly.

But, if you’re the type who prefers a wet shaving brush to create lather directly from the shaving soap, then you have to ‘FOLLOW’ certain steps to make sure the soap is completely dried up.

One of the ‘BEST’ features of shaving soap is that it doesn’t come with much of the pre-added water like shaving creams.

Therefore, the procedure to dry your shaving soap, even if you use your wet shaving brush directly on the soap, is pretty much easy.

All you need to do is to keep the lid of the soap container for around 12-14 hours. And, this duration is enough to eradicate all the moisture away from your shaving soap.

I have been following this method and, trust me, it has worked like charm to me.

What kind of shaving brush technique do you prefer to create lather? Keep me informed….

There’s one very ‘IMPORTANT’ thing I must let you know – never keep the lid of the container open for more than 14 hours. If you do so, this will cause a negative impact on the scent of the shaving soap.

At the same time, while putting the lid off of the soap container, you should keep the soap container in a place where there is no dust or dirt. If you keep the soap container open in a place where the dust may easily come, then it will make your shaving soap nothing but a waste.

So, always be very much ‘CAREFUL’ at the time of putting the soap container open for getting rid of the moisture.

Step 3 – Use of a Special Container

Shaving soaps usually come with a wide variety of containers when you buy it. Some shaving soaps come with special type of containers that you can use to store your shaving soap.

But, the hard soap type along with some other shaving soap types may not come with the type of container that is ideal to keep the soap.

In this case, you can purchase shaving soap containers from the market. The main purpose of buying such kind of containers is to keep your soap in a condition so that you can use it for a longer period of time. At the same time, keeping shaving soap in the container will help to keep the scent of your shaving soap for a longer duration.

Here, I’ll be sharing some shaving soap container types that you can prefer for keeping your shaving soap –

Shaving Mug

One of the most popular container types currently used by many men is known to be shaving mug. Well, shaving mugs are specifically designed with the sole purpose of using it while shaving.

But, there can be found many men who not only use the shaving mugs for shaving purposes but for storing purpose also.

Storing your shaving soap in the shaving mug can bring some adverse effects. So, you should get aware of those negative effects before you choose shaving mugs for soap storing purpose.

The first problem of a shaving mug is there is no lid on it. So, if you keep your shaving soap in shaving mug for a long period of time, then there is a chance that your soap will lose its ability to create lather.

At the same time, storing shaving soap in a shaving mug will also reduce the scent. And, you won’t be able to use the shaving soap for the duration that you may have been expecting.

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So, I would suggest you use the shaving mugs for the shaving purpose only. Never make the wrong decision by choosing the shaving mug for the soap storing purpose.

Metal Containers

A sealed metal container can be a great option that you can choose for storing shaving soap after its use. Typically a sealed metal container is made of aluminum or steel and, Yes, you’ll get a lid with it.

The lid and container are designed in a way so that the scent of the shaving soap can last for a longer period of time. At the same time, if you store shaving soap in a metal container following the steps mentioned earlier, then you can hope to use your soap for a longer period of time.

I got a huge advantage when I started using the sealed metal container to store shaving soap.

Still having doubts? Try yourself and thank me later!

Wooden Container

Another great option available for you is to go for the wooden container. You’ll be surely amazed to hear the fact that wooden containers have the capability of dissipating the moisture from your shaving soap.

So, this particular feature can help you use your shaving soap for more than your expected time period.

Wood is porous. So, it possesses the special ability to help the shaving soaps to get rid of the moisture.

When moisture is gone from the shaving soap, it tends to last for a longer period of time.

If you have the budget to spend some extra dew bucks, then I would suggest you go for the wooden container to store shaving soap.

Plastic Container

Lastly, I will tell you about a cheap option which is a plastic container. If you’re looking for something cheap for storing shaving soaps, then the plastic container can be the ideal option for you.

But, in this case, you have to be careful while keeping the container with the soap. Actually, the plastic-type is not of much of a high-quality. So, the container can be broken, if you go for rough use. Or, the plastic container can be broken, if it falls from a handsome height.

So, be much cautious, if you choose a plastic container for shaving soap storing purpose.


How Should I Store My Shaving Soap? I believe that you have got the perfect answer to this question by reading the above informative discussion on how to store shaving soap.

If you ‘FOLLOW’ all the steps that I have described above for storing shaving soaps, then you can hope to use your shaving soap for a longer period of time.

At the same time, it is also very ‘IMPORTANT’ to choose the right kind of shaving soap container. I believe that my above discussion will help you in that regard also.

But, if you still have some sort of confusion in your mind, please make sure to poke me at any time.

I will try ‘OFFER’ the best possible solution from my end.

This is all for now.