How To Slick Back Thick Hair – Clear Guide

Slick Back Thick Hair

Wishing a hair hairstyle that’s both professional and stylish?  You might be thinking about the hair slicked back. The best thing about slick hair is, that’s a straightforward style to achieve.

Knowing the process of how to slick your hair back is versatile, easy and an adaptable style with several different haircuts.

Mostly slick back hair is associated with those who work in the corporate world.

Getting a slick back hairstyle becomes one of the foremost prevalent hairstyles for men. The style only does require training your hair, regardless of whether you have curly or wavy.

Slicking back thick hair can require a stronger wax and extra combing especially if you have curly or wavy hair.

In this post, we’ll explore everything about men’s slick back hair and how to get it.

Slick back hair

Slick back hair has a historical background as well as a familiar and formal hairstyle. The style is popular nowadays as the barbers nowadays have a lot of experience to style the cut in many ways.

No matter how long or short your hair is on the top of your head. Your barber will fix it as the style does support hair of any length.

Before we dive into our practical discussion as well as give our valuable product selecting tips, here is some general guidance to keep it in mind…

Dry the hair with a towel

After getting a shower, gently rub out the excess water from your hair and comb it quickly thereafter. Don’t take time to let it dry anymore.

Style your hair clean always

Each day we use different products for styling, so if there remained any remnants of yesterday’s product or your hair might be a bit greasy, so you need to remove the product effect by starting by shampooing it. Otherwise, you’ll compromise any effectiveness.

To restore hydration, finish it with a conditioner

Over-washing can dry out the hair.  If you don’t want to wash your hair every day to avoid extra drying. Then try to rinse it while using the conditioner. That’ll help you get clean and soft hair for your coming process.

Train the hair to slick back

After you get a haircut, the basic thing is to learn how to train the hair to slick it back easily.

As your hair is a natural separation part, styling hair depends on the growth of hair follicles. Most guys’ hair could not be brushed back. On the other hand, keeping their hair back for a long time is another big problem. To fix this problem and keep your hair slicked back, you’ll have to use high-quality pomade or wax having stronghold capability.

The first action in your training is to start combing the hair straight back during taking a shower. Use a shampoo and then conditioner; gently comb the hair to distribute the product. Make sure that you’re still under a shower and style your hair straight back before getting out.

Dry the hair with a towel in the morning, repeat it at night before going to bed and pull it straight back gently. However, keep in mind all the time to style the look consistently, use the products, and comb your hair back.

By doing the process continuously, your hair will get to fall and slick back by own.

Slick Back Thick Hair Update

Slick back your thick hair

Slick back hair can be made in many shapes and forms. However, the main aim of slick back hair is in fact that the top hair is combed straight backward.

The function of slick back hair is similar for each haircut, but that can be applied to different haircuts.

Can you get my point?


  1. Wash your hair

Cleaning your hair is always the first step whenever you want to style it.


Because it is easy to style your hair after washing it, especially if you have thick hair or change hairstyle position. Clean hairs are easy to style and the product you apply can be absorbed well.

Thick hair is difficult to slick straight back, so preferably slicking back hair should be done immediately after a shower.


  1. Comb your hair from the end to the root

It’s important to note that comb your hair with the end, not the root. Starting from the root may result in pulling some of the hair out in the process. And I’m sure you don’t want that.

Ensure your hair is damp up to 50%. We remember that wet hair is easy to break; however, dry thick hair can be difficult to slick back.  That’s why you should keep your hair slightly damp and comb it until you look all the hairs are in one place.


  1. Apply your styling product

Generally, there’re hundreds of products on the market that can be used to slick down hair men’s. But you should note the type of hair you make when choosing a hair product.

Anyway, here’s what to do with products.

Take tiny products to your palm, rub them, and apply it to the thick natural hair, give it half a minute to settle.

The best way to apply the hair products is to pat the gel gently onto the outer part of the hairs, not to the roots. Thereafter run your fingers all-around your hair to make the product spread thoroughly.

Sometimes you can feel difficulty while running your fingers. It may be the hairs are not damp enough. Provide some moisture to your hair to fix it.


  1. Comb the hair backward

Great! Now you have applied the styling product/pomade to thick hair, the next step is to comb the hair exactly backward. I think. You can feel the look with the slick back hairstyle.

Just wait…

Comb your hair from the front to the back of your head. After a few combs, you will notice your slick back hair start to form.

If you have curly hair, don’t comb it too hard as this can make your hair curls flatten. Your curl will be still visible, but when it becomes dry and take some minutes, it will remain back and will maintain its position.

Now it happened, don’t touch your hair.


Touching can distort the natural lines and can result in a low-quality hairstyle.

What to do now?

Nothing! You’ve done it, Congrats.

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Slick back your long thick hair

Long or medium length hair is time-consuming to manage and then control. Often guys don’t want to spend time and effort on styling a great volume of hair on their head. However, slick back your long hair may be a simple solution. That’s why long slicked back hair has proceeded to be one of the men’s hairstyles to get. 

Slicking your long hairs back is easier to manage. And some products will help you held the volume of your hair back.

Again make sure to use a high-quality brush, a dryer, and the top-rated product for the fine ending.  


Thick hairs are always difficult to style, especially curly and wavy hairs.

Figuring out how to slick back thick hair is a challenge for guys, but we covered you and answered you with this burning question.

Interesting is, curly and wavy hair while slicking back actually gives a unique twist to the style.

If you want to make the slicking back process easy and interested, follow the direction on how to train your hair to slick back. If you train your hair, it will then naturally get to fall back.

I think you got a clear idea of how to slick your hair back.

Now we wish you get your dream hairstyle.

Best of luck.