How To Shave Your Face Perfectly – [All Steps Explained]

How To Shave Your Face

Shaving is something that most of the men out there consider as a must-to-do daily task. Some men would do it even twice a day. It is also true that the task of proper shaving is not less than an art. To do this job perfectly, it is a must for you to know about how to shave your face.

Back in the early days, when I started shaving my face for the first time, I didn’t know how to shave face following the right way. In fact, there was not enough information on the internet that could help me understand the right ways of shaving face.

So, I started applying various techniques while shaving my face so that I can get a perfectly cleaned shave face. And, over time, I gained both knowledge and experience about how to get a smooth shave face.

If I talk about the current time, you will find lots of websites full of information regarding how to shave face for man. The problem is that no one has given the proper guidelines required for shaving your face correctly.

In fact, most men do not give the attention a perfect shaving truly deserves. Even many men like to have their faces shaved in between taking the breakfast and getting the keys.

For Your Information, this is not recommended at all!

It would be best if you always kept in mind that shaving your face in a hurry can happen an accidental or unwanted cut on your face. And, this is what no man wants to have on his face, especially the ones who prefer to keep a clean face without any beard. At times, the wound caused by such accidental cut needs time to stop the bleeding. Plus, it will take time to heal the wound.

How To Shave Your Face

So, my recommendation for every man would be having an in-depth idea about how to get a clean shave face following the proper guidelines.

For your convenience, today, I am here with this article where I am going to share the step by step procedure of how to shave face for men following the right way.

Keep in mind that it is going to be a long discussion as I intend to cover almost every single detail a man should be aware of while shaving his face.

Besides, I will also share some ‘Secret Tips’ regarding men’s face shaving that you should definitely follow for the sake of your facial skin.

Let’s dive right in….

Benefits Of Shaving Your Face

Before we start our discussion on how to properly shave your face, the first and foremost thing is to find out whether it brings any benefits.

We all know the fact that shaving is one of those extremely personal tasks. Some men prefer to have a daily shave, while some would like to shave after a long interval. No matter the type of shaver you are, it is essential for you to know about the benefits you can avail from regular shaving.

For your information, there is plenty of evidence that clearly suggests daily shaving to be the best approach for every man.

In the following, I am going to talk about the benefits of shaving your face with greater frequency –

  • Professional Appearance

Always remember that the First impression is Everything. It is a fact that people will always judge you, at the first look, based on your appearance and look. A professional appearance can help push your career forward, while a messy or shabby look may be a hindrance to your initial progress.

No can deny the fact that a clean-shaven man is considered to be more professional than those who don’t have a shaved face. If you are professionally involved in a white-collar sector such as banking, business, customer service, or similar other professions, shaving your face each morning will definitely give you a cleaner and more sophisticated look.

  • Younger Look

This particular point can be a benefit or a detriment, depending on your appearance and age. But, in this article, I will assume that most of the men out there prefer to have a younger look.

In this case, the PERFECT example is a renowned late-night celebrity, David Letterman. In recent times, he has grown a thick beard over the past few years.

And, his beard has added an extra 20-years to his facial appearance. But, when he was clean shaved, he used to look much younger than his actual age.

Therefore, men who want to hide the actual age and have a younger look, they should perform a clean shave on a regular basis. And, for this, you need complete knowledge regarding how to get a clean shave face.

  • Being Healthy & Hygiene

It would help if you did not forget the fact that your face, like other skin areas of your body, experiences the problem of debris, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Shaving your face regularly can help remove dirt and other harmful elements from the outer layer of your facial skin.

This procedure is an appropriate way to maintain smoother and healthier facial skin.

  • Comfort

Many men consider having a full-grown beard on the face can give a sexier look, but to be honest, it caused itchiness and discomfort. If you want to get rid of such trouble, the best way is to have a suitably clean and shaved face.

Besides, many men find shaving as an uncomfortable job. But, when you have the right shaving tools, you can correctly perform the job. In the case of mine, I always prefer the best rated shaving razor as razor plays the most important role while giving you a perfect shave.

Sometimes, the simplest options available out there can give you the most effective result, but in-depth research is a must.

According to my personal experience, I want to add that having a regular face shaving gives a more comfortable feeling than having a face with a full-grown beard.

  • Sex Appeal

According to a survey, 38% of women prefer a guy with a clean-shaven face as a partner to one with a bearded face. At the same time, another 34% of women have voted the “clean-shaved look men” as one of their most favorite appearances.

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Every man out there must know this fact that shaving your face can increase your sex life (especially if you are order). In fact, your sex life can also experience a noticeable improvement.

Besides, women also love to have sex with a clean-shaven man because the beard may create a hindrance to the starting thing (meaning the foreplay part).

How To Shave Your Face – Step By Step Guideline

As I have already mentioned, shaving your face is an art. If you want to shave correctly, you must know how to shave your face appropriately.

In this section, I will focus on giving you a detailed and step-by-step guideline regarding how to shave your face men following the right way. I have divided the steps into a few sections and sub-sections so that you can get a deeper understanding of each step.

Let’s jump into the details….

Part 1 – Preparation Is Key

When you want to shave your face, the first thing you have to do is getting yourself ready with the necessary preparation. Always remember – preparation is the key to a successful shaving experience.

Intending to make everything easily getable for you, I will be explaining this section with a few step-by-step guidelines –

Step 1 –Choosing The Appropriate Razor

When you choose a razor for facial hair shaving purpose, you have to consider the following critical factors –

  • The coarseness of your facial hair or beard.
  • Your skin textures.
  • Shaving method you prefer.
  • Other necessary details.

Among the mentioned points, the most important one, I think, is the thickness of your beard.

To be honest, men with thicker beard types face the main problem when they want to get a smooth shave face. So, my advice for you would be giving the highest priority on choosing the right kind of razor.

The razor options available in front of you are as follows –

  • Straight Razors.
  • Safety Razors.
  • Electric razors.

Many men prefer a straight razor because of the wide number of benefits of the straight razors. Again, some men choose safety razors because of the safety feature. And, also some go for the electric razors giving the TIME factor as their main priority.

In order to you a detailed idea about the mentioned razor types, I have specifically designed the following section –

  • An electric razor is quick & convenient. It requires a little preparation before you can start shaving your face. And, it is a great razor type for men with sensitive skin. But, if you have a thick beard, I won’t recommend the electric razor.
  • Men who are shaving facial hair for the first time, it is advised to go for the safety razors as it requires less expertise. For a close shave with safety feature, a good decision to be made is choosing the safety razors.
  • And, the straight razor is an ideal option for men who have both skills and experience. To be honest, no other razor type can give you the manly feeling like the one a straight razor does.

For a detailed idea, you can also check out the differences between straight razors and safety razors. I can assure you that such kind of study will let you have a complete idea about the differences between those two popular razor types I just mentioned in the above section.

If you prefer a straight razor, I would suggest you give a closer at the procedure of sharpening straight razors without a strop. Do this now & thank me later!

Also, try to have a deep understanding of the straight razors because some consider it as somewhat dangerous!

Step 2 – Getting The Shaving Kit Ready

Always keep in mind – a dull razor can give you a disappointing shaving experience. Sometimes, there are chances that you may face unwanted accidental cuts while shaving with a dull razor. And, this can lead to skin irritation which no man wants to experience.

Therefore, I recommend you to choose the clean and sharp razor for having the BEST shaving experience.

At this point, I will assume that you have picked your preferred razor. Now, take cold and clean water in a bowl and rinse the blade. Hot water can dull up the blade. So, hot water for this purpose is not recommended at all.

Step 3 – Trimming Down Your Beard

When shaving your face with a razor, it is essential to trim your beard down using scissors or clippers as short as it is possible. And, for this purpose, an electric clipper can be the best option I would prefer. Just take off the guard and trim your beard down. But make sure you perform in-depth research of the best rated electric clippers so that the trimming thing can be a hassle-free one.


Lathering up your full beard and attempting to gliding over a razor on your beard is never a good idea. This can be awfully painful as well as ineffective while trying shaving your facial hair.

Step 4 – Washing Face with Exfoliant Face Wash

For getting your facial skin prepared for shaving, it is better to clean your skin as much as you can. This extra effort will help avoid infections and irritation as well.

For this purpose, I always prefer a good quality natural exfoliant face wash along with lukewarm water. If you don’t have any experience with such face wash type, I suggest you to check the best rated exfoliant face wash products before you buy one.

Step 5 – Applying Shaving Oil

Shaving oil has ingredients that can help nourish your facial skin. Plus, it can lubricate your shaving razor as it slides across your face. Don’t get confused considering it as a shaving cream as these two products are completely different.

Just pour a few drops of oil (meaning the shaving oil) in your palm and apply it on your face. Make sure you do it very gently. Applying the shaving oil fast is never recommended at all.

And, you have to do this before heating (applying hot towel or shaving cream) the pores of your facial skin. This will allow your razor to glide over your face comfortably and evenly, which will reduce the razor burn as well.

Step 6 – Heating The Pores of The Skin

Back in the days, barbers used the hot-towel-method for heating the pores of your skin, which helps soften the beard roots. And, it helps you get a smoother and more comfortable shave.

At present, some men apply the same procedure at home. This towel-heating-method really works great for softening the facial hairs – according to my personal experience.


Always try to be CAREFUL about the temperature of the water. Don’t use water that is too hot as it will pull the moisture away from your facial skin. And, this can dehydrate your skin. I would recommend you to use lukewarm water for this purpose as it works really great for opening the skin pores.

Step 7 – Applying Shaving Cream or Shaving Soap

It is time to apply either shaving cream or shaving soap on your face. Although many men consider this method a little bit old-fashioned, doing this will help soften your facial hair, which will help exfoliate your skin. Also, it will help the razor when you slide it over your face.

If you are a bit confused about whether to use shaving cream or shaving soap, then you should check out this detailed comparison article on shaving soap and shaving cream. I believe it will help you choose the right shaving product for you.

In case you prefer to use shaving soap, you have to have proper knowledge about the procedure to store shaving soap. Besides, you can also check out how can you apply shaving soap without a brush if you really want to avoid a shaving brush.

Part 2 – Shaving

When you are done with the preparation thing (part 1), you should immediately start the shaving procedure. For Your Information, this particular part of our discussion on how to shave your face is the most important of all.

For your convenience, I have also designed this section into a few sections with specific steps to be followed –

Step 1 –Shave When The Skin Pores Are Open & Warm

You should start the shaving procedure as soon as you finish the Heating-The-Pore step. Making any delay can tighten up the skin pores, making all your efforts useless.

Based on my experience, shaving when the skin pores are open and warm is the BEST way to experience the closest, smoothest, and most comfortable shave ever possible. Don’t make any delay while finishing other morning chores.

Instead, Shave immediately!

Step 2 –Pulling Your Skin Tight

Int his step, first, you have to hold the razor using your dominant hand. Then, use the other hand for pulling your skin as tight as you can. This will create a smooth skin surface that will help the razor while gliding across the skin most effectively.

This particular technique is particularly helpful when someone tries to go across the hard-to-shave areas of your skin such as jawline and the area between nose and mouth.

Step 3 –Shaving with Grain

This step requires you to apply a technique to find out the direction you need to follow while shaving your face.

Start with running your hand over your facial skin in a way so that you can gently touch the grain. Running your hand following one direction will make your facial hair lie flat (with the grain) while doing it in the direction will make it stand up (against the grain).

You have to FOLLOW the former direction!

Keep the blade of your razor as flat as possible while gliding it across your facial skin. This will help you get a close shave, which every man wants to have after all.


In this case, you have to perform light, short and downward strokes, which will help you slide the blade in a more COMFORTABLE manner.

Step 4 –Target & Finish Each Small Section

No matter how busy a person you are, you have to keep in mind that the face shaving procedure is a thorough, comfortable, and slow procedure. It is not something that you can do hastily at the time of driving to your workplace.

So, the ideal way to follow is to start with one side of your face. Keep in mind – dividing the side into a few smaller sections. Finish each of those smaller sections completely by shearing the facial hair off. And, then, you should move on to the other side of your face.

This procedure will help you save a lot of your valuable time, doing it everything in an appropriate manner.

Step 5 –Rinsing Your Blade Frequently During The Shaving Procedure

This is one of the more important steps that you need to follow while shaving your face with your preferred razor.

While performing the shaving procedure, you need to sink your razor in a bowl or mug full of water. Tap the razor handle against the bowl or mug side for freeing up the clogged facial hairs.

This step will work great if you use a safety razor or a double edge razor. For an efficient shaving experience, you have to repeat this step very frequently while performing the face shaving process.

Step 6 – Checking Rough Areas

Before performing this step, it will be better if you check all the areas of your face to find out whether you have, by any chance, missed any section. Try carefully checking out the sideburns, nostril areas and also the area around your mouth.


If you find any rough spot, try applying shaving cream or shaving soap on that part. Then glide the razor over that particular area of your face for a smooth finishing.

Part 3 – Finishing Touch

Now, we have arrived at the last part of the procedure, which is how to get a clean shave face.

Let’s start the steps of this particular part –

Step 1 – Rinsing Your Face

As soon as you finish Step 6 of the last Part, you should rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. Then, wait for about 1-2 minutes.

Now, take a bowl with cold water and start applying cold water on your face using both of your hands. This will help to close the skin pores and give a finishing touch to your face shaving procedure. Besides, cold water can also work great for closing up any small or unnoticeable cuts while stopping the bleeding.

Lastly, use a clean & soft towel to dry out your facial skin. Do not apply the towel on your face roughly or hurriedly. Instead, try to be calm and gently hold the towel on your face to get a smoother feeling.

Step 2 – Applying a Non-Alcoholic Balm

Using a shaving balm is a must when you have completely dried out your face using a soft towel. In this case, I would recommend you being very careful while choosing a shaving balm.

At the present moment, there are wide ranges of shaving balms available in the market. So, the best thing to do is performing in-depth research of the top rated shaving balms before you make the final purchasing decision.

Doing in-depth research will help you get a detailed idea about which shaving balm is the right one for your skin type.

I, for this purpose, always prefer a shaving balm that is alcohol-free and has properties like tea and aloe tree oil. It really works efficiently for preventing the facial skin from the razor burn.

Besides, you can also use other natural skincare products to keep your facial skin healthy and hydrated by supplying the required moisturizer. For this, don’t forget to check out the best rated facial skin products before buying a random one.

Step 3 – Cleaning The Shaving Kits

Congratulations! This is the last step of our discussion regarding how to clean shave face. And, this step is all about cleaning the shaving supplies.

So, when you are done with the face shaving thing, you have to clean the dirt from all the shaving kit you just used. Thoroughly clean all the equipment and make sure to dry out each tool completely before storing it.

This will help keep your shaving supplies free from the attack of bacteria or other kinds of germs or infections. And it is a highly recommended step.

How To Shave Your Face For The First Time

If you are a first-timer with no earlier experience in face shaving, I would suggest you re-read the steps as mentioned above regarding how to shave your face.

Reading those steps, again and again, will help you get to know about how to shave your face for the first time.

How To Stop Itching After Shaving Face

One common problem faced by all men is experiencing itchiness right after the end of the shaving process. So, every man looks for the most effective ways about how to stop itching after shaving face.

According to AAD (American Academy of Dermatology), you can follow the steps mentioned below to stop itching after shaving face –

  • Before you start the face shaving procedure, make sure you wet your face along with facial hair completely.
  • Always apply a high-quality shaving soap or shaving cream or shaving gel.
  • Always glide the razor across the right direction while shaving your face.
  • Make sure you rinse the razor after finishing each swipe of your shaving razor.
  • Carefully clean and store your shaving kits to have protection from the attack of germs and infection.

If you have an acne problem, taking superior care during the face shaving process like a must-to-do for you. Since shaving can cause itchiness on your facial skin, so there is a huge chance of making the acne even worse.

Therefore, men with acne problem should abide by the following tips –

It would be best if you tried experimenting shaving with disposable razors (meaning disposable blades) or high-quality electric razors to find out which works BEST for your facial skin.

  • Always use a razor that has a sharp blade rather than using a dull one.
  • Shave lightly being as much careful as you can be.
  • Never shave off any acne as it can make the condition even worse.

Secret Tips For Shaving Your Face

As there was a promise I had made at the beginning of the article about sharing some SECRET tips for shaving your face, now it is TIME to keep that promise.

Here we go….

  • Always pick the high-quality and top rated shaving kits.
  • Never make any compromise with the quality of the facial skincare or shaving products.
  • Use a straight razor to have a manliness feeling after shaving.
  • Always put a heavy focus on the finishing touch as it helps you get a close and smooth face shaving feeling.
  • Try to be as much CAREFUL as you can be while shaving if you have acne on your face.
  • Always shave your face slowly and appropriately for a smoother and more comfortable shaving experience.
  • Never perform the face shaving procedure hurriedly.
  • Put a considerable amount of focus on the aftercare.
  • Use high quality face moisturizing products for keeping your facial skin hydrated.
  • Clean all the shaving supplies thoroughly after you finish your face shaving process.
  • Store your shaving soap following the right way to avoid the unnecessary wastage problem.

Final Words

Whether you are a starter or someone who has been looking for the right face shaving guidelines, I hope you have found the most effective techniques regarding how to shave your face.

To be honest, shaving your face is one of the most important tasks for any man who prefers to have a clean-shaved face. So, try to follow all the steps that I have explained above for getting the BEST shaving experience.

Moreover, I have also designed a specific section at the beginning of the article that talks about the numerous numbers of benefits you can avail from shaving your face.

So, I can conclude by saying that you are completely ready for a smoother, closer, and more comfortable shaving experience.

Still, if you have any questions in mind regarding how to properly shave your face, don’t hesitate to give me a message.

I would be happy to help you out by giving the best possible solution from my end.

This is all that I had planned to share this time!

Good-Bye, & Take Care!