How To Part Your Hair for Men – A Complete Guide

How To Part Your Hair

How to part your hair, can determine the image that you project. That’s why the hair part is often is an essential element of men’s hairstyle.

While combing your hair, when it gets to parting, you need to know how to part the hair, to the left or right side.

Part hair to left, right?  I think the question seems normal; however, the answer can be deep depending on how much you’re attentive to your hair.

The easy way is to find out the natural separation in the hair and then brush accordingly. But not that, what side you should part your hair always comes down to the way your hair grows.

So there’s something more to the process, not only “part left” or “part right”. We’ll systematically break down the whole process and will discuss the pros and cons of each side-part hairstyle for men. After that, we’ll give a touch on the benefits of parting hair on either side.

In this article, I’m going to give such practical tips, that at the end we can justify our answer to the question “where should I part my hair as a male?

Let’s give it a start to our discussion on how to part the hair men.

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How To Part Your Hair

What Does a Hair Part Mean?

The hair part is basically the hairstyle you make and part of your hair at the middle or to one side of the head. Parting your hair determines your whole face look and gives your first impression to the people.

This is a bit more complicated to determine the part to which you comb your hair. But don’t worry; we’ll help you find out the correct side to part your hair on.

To know more about the hair part, I want to take you to the history of the time passed. The hair part was initiated as a hairstyle cut for military events, the side part was a military-inspired hairstyle and such classic that’s super easy to maintain.

At that time side, part was a symbol of sophistication. After that, the hairstyle took modern recognition.

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A side part is often associated with a short hairstyle; however, aside from part can be featured on a medium-length hairstyle too. The name suggests a side hair part is simply a hairstyle, parting in your hair that’s on the side.

Before we talk more about the side part, we’ll quickly look at the process of where to part your hair men.

Where to Part Your Hair

Ever wondered how to get that perfectly defined hair part, but your scalp does have a natural parting. For those who even don’t know where is the natural separation in the hair, the hair can be combed accordingly. There are a few methods to discover which side that is? The first method is!

  1. Wet the hair after a shower.
  2. Comb it forward.
  3. Wait around 10 seconds and find out the side of your head where the hair separates naturally.
  4. If you find your hair goes more on the right side compared to the left, you need to part on the right. On the other hand, if you see your hair is more on the left side, part it on the left.

I think now you can easily find the side to which you part. Why not that your hair is separated equally on both sides, that means you have been blessed with two natural parts and can select left or right as you wish.

Not getting the first method?  Well. Let’s jump-start another method you can try too.

This method requires finding the cowlick (the spirals present on the top of the head).

The side to which cowlick spirals seem is actually the direction your hair naturally grows. If you see the spiral grows clockwise, just part the hair on the left. But if it grows counter-clockwise, of course, part the hair on the right.

If you find two cowlicks, you have the option to choose the way you like and part your hair.


Side Part Is The Modern Hairstyle

You may know a well-dressed New York City ad exec named Don Draper is one of the world’s most stylish men. Who cares about him being a work of fiction? The smooth, side-parted, slick hair is 100 % true and beautiful.

I acknowledge he’s not the only man who has a stylish side part hairstyle. The side part is a passion nowadays; a lot of guys owned the look. The side part hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles among celebrities right now.

The side part about what we love the most is its versatility. You don’t need to be anything star to get the style. No matter what your location and income are, the style will look the same as good as at the market as it works at a black-tie party.

You may be surprised about the side part as it is a celebrity and well stylishly owned one. And will ask a question about how to succeed on side part styling?

As we have discussed the general rule of thumb about forming hair parts. We also need to know about the side part happening.

The first step to get the side part happening is, to begin with, the hair cut. The hair should be cut as like to have sides and back smaller compared to the top, but not in a drastic way.

Now you’re directed to pick up some hair products when you’ve nailed the haircut. The products you’re going to need depend on the style you wish for.

Throughout damping your hair after a shower, use those products you give preference to and find the natural separation by combing your hair straight forward. Notice where your hair begins to separates, and then merely push the hair toward the side you want. Do follow me to get the desired hairstyle.

Why Is The Hair Part So Important?

The matter of hair part is not solely all about women. Keeping a hair part for men is as important as for women.

Your hair present around your face reflects your facial features! If you can make the right hair part, you’re welcome to a noticeable and attractive hairstyle.

On the other hand, a bad part might draw attention to the problems and troubles on your face, making your impression fearful and startlingly.

The hair part adds character to your personality up to an extent and embodies your identity.

Keeping in mind the importance of the hair part, you should give our instruction a practical form and part your hair. The matter the most is your personality, which hair part greatly impacts it. So follow the tips step by step of how and where to part your hair given above and present your personality very well.

How to Avoid Hair Parting Common Mistakes

I think you have been parting in the incorrect way for this whole time. It seems like a dumb blog post! How much you can be wrong?

Often a lot of guys are 100% percent combing on the improper side all the time. The stylish and celebrity groomer recommend us the beautiful thing! “That mostly men don’t know how to get the right path on their hair” as a result the hair isn’t combing in place and the required volume is not achieved. It’s all due to what; the part is not on point.

How to avoid hair parting common mistakes, we have got you covered, let’s give it a deep touch.

  • It might be a crazy sound but if you have been only parting to one side for a long time, try the other aspect, why not you look better parting the other side.
  • The easiest way to avoid hair parting mistakes is to detect the separation part in the hair.
  • Find how many cowlicks you have, it might be one, but may you’re blessed with two. By finding the cowlicks you can easily know the way your hair naturally grows. Notice that natural growing path and part accordingly.
  • If still in doubt. Get in touch with your barber friend to picture out your hair parting position.


After reading the above discussion, you have got a clear and in-depth answer to the question- how to part your hair.

If you ask me which side to part with your hair, I would like to tell you that it depends on the side your hair naturally grows and secondly the side you want to part on.

However, I can suggest the side part, as it’s owned by celebrities and other well stylish people right now.

I believe that the above discussion has given you the proper guideline that you have been looking for.

Still, if you think that you have more questions, feel free to ask me.