How To Clean A Beard Brush In 5 Simple Steps [With Infographics]

How To Clean A Beard Brush
How To Clean A Beard Brush

To keep your beard clean, you must have to use a beard brush. But, every man faces one common problem when it comes to the topic of how to clean a beard brush. Is the process of cleaning a beard brush so much complicated?

Well, this task of cleaning your beard brush is not a tough one when you know the appropriate technique.

For the past few months, I got lots of queries from my readers regarding this particular topic. So I thought of coming up with a comprehensive article on how to wash beard brush.

As I had thought, so I am here with a step by step guideline on how to clean a beard brush. I can assure you that the procedure I’m going to describe will be sufficient enough for any man no matter he is a beginner or experienced shaver.

Let’s give it a start then!

Since boar bristle beard brush is the most popular one, so my guidelines will be based on cleaning such type of beard brush.

At first, let me give you a short intro about the boar bristle beard brush.

What Is A Boar Bristle Beard Brush?

A board bristle brush is a type of brush in which the bristle or filament used is from wild boar. And, the bristle brush that is made with the sole purpose of cleaning beard is known as a boar bristle beard brush.

A boar bristle beard brush can offer you lots of benefits when it comes to cleaning your beard. So keeping your beard brush neat and clean will ensure hygiene as well.

How To Clean A Boar Bristle Beard Brush

In this section, I have a 5-step method that will help you to know about how to clean cremo beard brush.

First things first – to make you fully ready for this cleaning procedure, you have to collect the following tools first.

  • Brush cleaning pick or Cotton Swab
  • A small bowl.
  • Beard Wash or Shampoo or Soap
  • A small cloth or soft towel

How To Clean A Beard Brush – 5 Steps

The 5-Step process I’m going to explain is not a complicated one. I can bet – any man can finish this process within a few minutes, though it may take a bit more when you try it for the first time. But, with a bit of practice, you can be a master within a short period.

how to clean a beard brush infographic

Step 1 – Start with Cleaning the Bristle Gaps

The very first thing you have to do in this cleaning procedure is to start cleaning the gaps between the bristles. And, for that purpose, you need a brush cleaning pick or a cotton swab.

If you feel comfortable with any other type of tool for this case, you can feel free to do that. But, try to make sure that the tool must have a small head so that it can easily reach the tiny gaps between the bristles.

If you use a rush cleaning pick, you can start with picking the hairs stuck to the top part of the bristles. This will help to remove all the extra hairs along with dirt from the bristle surface.

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Now, hold the handle of the beard brush firmly with your hand. Take a cotton swab with the other hand and run the swab up and down gently over the bristles.

While doing this, you will notice that hairs from the root of bristles will come out. Besides, oil or other dirt will also come out. And, it is obvious that doing this will make the cotton swab a dirty one. If you find too much dirt, grab a new piece of cotton swab without any hesitation.

You don’t need to spend much time in performing this step. I usually spend around 30-40 seconds while doing this first step.

Step 2 – Fill A Bowl With Luke Warm Water

In this step, you have to take a small bowl. In this case, you can choose a container that you wouldn’t use or serving any food at a later time.

Now fill the bowl with lukewarm water. It would better not to fill the entire container. So, keeping it semi-fill would be a wise decision.

In this case, keep in mind that you have to give a higher level of focus on the temperature of the water. If the water is too hot, there is a chance that it may cause damages to the bristles. So, be aware of making such kind of mistake.

Now, take the cleaning product according to your preference. In this case, I always prefer something gentle. This can be some sort of product that you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable with while applying it on your beard brush.

Remember that boar hair is something very similar to human hair. So, common sense says that you have to provide more of a similar level of care while cleaning them.

As I’ve already mentioned above, you can use either a beard wash or shampoo. As I don’t personally like a soap to be used in this case, so I would suggest you avoid any kind of soap.

Take a small amount of shampoo or beard wash with your finger and start mixing it with the lukewarm water.

When you dip the bristles, make sure to dip on the bristles, not the handle of the beard brush. While doing so, the wood of the brush may get a little wet. But, try to minimize that as BEST as you can.

If the wood under the bristles gets wet for a repeated number of times, then it will cause damage to the structure of the wood at a gradual speed.

When you dip the bristles into the mixture, you have to swirl the bristles continuously so that it can create lather.

This process doesn’t require much time to create the type of lather you need to clean your beard brush. According to my experience, I think doing it for about 30 seconds would be okay enough.

Now, take the brush out of the water. And keep it on a soft towel (of course a clean one) for about a minute. This will help to split up any type of residue found in between the bristles.

Step 4 – Rinse with Water

This is the hardest step because you have to perform this task without even dampening the wood beneath the bristles.

Here, I have got a pro –tip for you –

Take another small bowl and semi-fill it with fresh lukewarm water. This time there will be no beard wash or shampoo.

Now, dip the bristles in the water just like the way you did in Step 3 and start swirling them. This will help to rinse off any kind of soapy substance from the bristles while protecting the wood at the same time.

Step 5 – Dry the Beard Brush

This is the final step of cleaning your beard brush. Here, you have to take the bristles out of the water. And, keep it again on a clean and soft piece of towel for a minute.

Now, shake the brush multiple times to get rid of any kind of excess water.

Then, keep the beard brush on a soft towel in a way so that bristles face the surface of the towel. This will help to dry up the bristles gradually.

In this case, never use a blow dryer to speed up the entire process. The level o heat produce by a dryer may be disastrous for the beard brush bristles.

So, this 5-Step procedure, I believe, has given an explanatory answer to the question – how do you clean a beard brush.

How Often Should You Clean A Beard Brush?

Since the beard brush cleaning, I just explained involves a step where water is required to be used, so performing this process frequently may damage the wood beneath the bristles.

So, I would suggest you clean your beard brush following this method once in a month. This will help to keep your beard brush clean without causing much damage.

However, you can use a cotton swab for cleaning the beard brush more frequently without using any water or shampoo. This will help to ensure a proper level of hygiene that any man would surely appreciate.

Final Words

After reading the above discussion on how to clean a beard brush, you have got a complete understanding of the topic.

I did try my level BEST to explain the entire beard brush cleaning procedure as detailed as possible. I believe that you won’t be having any sort of problem in cleaning your beard brush from this moment.

Still, if you have any questions regarding this topic or anything related to your beard, you can message me at any time.

I will take a look at your problem and try to come up with the most appropriate solution.

This is all I had for TODAY.