Hair Cutting kit For Smooth Trimming

Hair Cutting kit

Sure, getting nice and classy Hair Cutting kit is efficient from the barbershop! But what if you are in a hurry for a meeting and the barbershop has a huge line of customers?

Having some tools for hair cutting or trimming might be the solution to your problem. That is why we have narrowed down some of the best hair-cutting kits for you.

These kits are reliable regarding the numerous comb attachments, trimming guidance, and, most importantly, other necessary tools such as scissors and oil to set up your barbershop in the house.

Without further ado, let’s check out their review in more detail!

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Hair Cutting kit – Comparison at A Glance

Product Speciality Number of tools Connectivity Maintenance Tool
Wahl Clipper Hair Cutting Kit Best Professional Hair Cutting Kit 26 pieces Corded Electric Lubricating oil and brushes
Conair 10 Piece Hair Clipper Best Affordable Hair Cutting Kit 10 pieces Corded Electric Lubricating oil and brushes
Conair 20 Piece Hair Clipper Best Home Hair Cutting Kit 20 pieces Corded Electric Lubricating oil and brushes
Conair 21 Piece Hair Clipper Best Budget Hair Cutting Kit 21 pieces Corded Electric Lubricating oil and brushes
Wahl Color Coded Cutting Guide Best Comb Attachment Hair Cutting Kit 8 pieces This package does not have a hair clipper N/A
Philips Hair Clipper 7000 Best Durable and Versatile Hair Cutting Kit 7 pieces Corded Electric and Cordless N/A
Conair 12 Piece Hair Clipper Best Hair Cutting Kit for Women 12 pieces Corded Electric Lubricating oil and brushes


Review Of Hair Cutting kit

Operating such hair clippers requires a lot of practice and a skilled hand. We are not going to disagree with you. But with these hair clipper products, you will become a hair clipper expert in no time.

Besides being men’s hair-cutting kits, our suggested model is also suitable for women.
So, here are some best-rated hair-cutting kits that will spare you time in a barbershop, give you a smooth finish on your beard, and make you the house barber.

1. Wahl Clipper Hair Cutting Kit – Best Professional Hair Cutting Kit

Hair Cutting kit

• Brand name: Wahl
• Power source type: Corded
• Additional components: Clipper





First, a hair-cutting kit must be durable, comfortable, and easy to use. Hence, we have the first Wahl Clipper hair-cutting kit on our list.
Apart from all the features, it contains a huge collection of self-hair-cutting kits that everyone seems to thrive on. Let’s look at all the features individually.

Best For Professionals

As we have mentioned earlier, a hair-cutting kit has to be durable, and Wahl focuses mainly on that parameter. Wahl hair-cutting kits have been well-known across the salon and barbering industry for over 100 years.
The construction of every kit provides a smooth clipping or trimming experience. This is the reason Wahl’s products are best for the use of professionals.

Smooth and Comfortable Haircuts

With different cutting lengths accustomed to the Wahl hair-cutting set, adjusting the right length is very easy. After that, you can only have a smooth trimming experience with no chance of uneven texture on the face.
Additionally, this kit’s clipper’s blades have a self-sharpening feature that allows the blade to stay active after every trim. Moreover, you can also adjust the length of the blade by using the taper lever situated on the left side of the clipper.

Combs with Individual Color Coding

As mentioned earlier, the cutting length is adjustable thanks to the different lengths of comb provided by the Wahl manufacturing company. Depending on those lengths, you can apply different textures and styles to your hair.

For your simplicity, the comb attachment comes with color coding. If you look closer at the clipper, you will notice different color codes of the comb with the respective lengths.
The range of lengths of the comb stands between 1″ to ½” on the longest side and 3/8″ to 1/16″ on the shortest side. Each comb is highly durable to handle all thick beard hairs or other facial hairs.

26 Pieces of a Huge Collection

Now, this is the most exciting part of them all. This version of the Wahl hair-cutting set comes with 26 hair-cutting tools. Among them, you have already seen 10 sets of comb attachments.

The other necessary tools include eye tapers, combs to trim the eyebrows, a pair of hair clips to manage long hair, blade oil for maintenance, a pocket comb, a blade guard, and much more.
With all these fantastic tools, you will indeed feel like a professional barber at your home. Not to mention, the price of this 26-piece hair-cutting set is quite reasonable.


• It contains color-coded comb attachments for the ease of the users.
• Twenty-six pieces from a huge collection of hair-cutting kits.
• This tool kit is mostly used by professionals, which increases its popularity.
• The blades are self-sharpening and come with variable adjustment options.


• The motor power of the clipper could be more satisfying.

2. Conair 10 Piece Hair Clipper – Best Affordable Hair Cutting Kit

Hair Cutting kit


• Brand name: Conair
• Power source type: Corded
• Additional components: Hair Clipper




Though many brands of hair clippers and barber hair-cutting kits are on the market, some people have a reasonable budget.

Hence, they look for an above-average hair-cutting kit that perfectly satisfies their needs. Therefore, Conair has a perfect kit for you to take a look at!

Stylish Barber Style Hair Cutting at Home

No one would need a heavy setting for a decent beard shave or trimming at home. This product of Conair comes with 10 pieces of valuable cutting kits that will provide a good barber experience from your home.

The hair clipper this kit offers has an excellent magnetic motor that provides smooth trimming in no time. If you along with your family are looking for a quality product hair clipper, you are in the right place.

Different Comb Settings

This kit offers 4 different options for the comb attachment in this affordable price range. The lengths are 1/8″, ½”, 3/8″, and ¼”. With these different lengths of comb, you can apply any style to your hair.

The combs also initiate a firm fitting with the clipper, providing smooth and comfortable touch with the skin and trimming.Though the comb attachments are not color-coded, the lengths are written at the back of each comb for your convenience.

Additional Helpful Kits

After the comb attachments, Conair also brought additional tools for the maintenance of the clipper. The tool includes lubricating oil for the blades and a cleaning brush that helps you remove hair from the tips of the blades.
Most importantly, it also provides a barber comb and a scissor to apply finishing to the uneven part of the beard.

It provides a Great Experience for Beginners.

Conair cares about your skin and the unwanted hair on your face. That is why they bring you a magnetic-powered motor clipper for smooth trimming.
We suggest that this particular hair-cutting kit is also the best for beginners. If you ever wish to check out their care zone, you will find many skincare tools and haircut kits with a reasonable budget.


• It is the best affordable hair-cutting kit manufactured by Conair.
• The magnetically powered motor provides enough power for smooth trimming.
• This tool is beneficial for beginners.
• It provides 4 sets of comb attachments with additional tools for support.


• The blades tend to become blunt after a certain period.

3. Conair 20 Piece Hair Clipper – Best Home Hair Cutting Kit

Hair Cutting kit


• Brand name: Conair
• Power source type: Corded
• Additional components: Hair Clipper




So, Conair has some more equipment in their store that has also taken place in the best hair-cutting kit list. If you want a complete home hair-cutting feeling with more tools, this 20-piece with an additional hair clipper will fulfil all your needs.

Best Hair Clipper for Home Usage

As mentioned earlier, this set of hair-cutting tools has 20 pieces of equipment to give you the perfect barber experience inside your home. The clipper in this package comes with 5 position taper control, enabling you to control 55 different settings and, hence, the most proper haircut ever.

Moreover, the blades are stainless steel, durable, and, most importantly, self-sharpening. Therefore, no matter how much you use your trimmer, you need not worry about the blades turning blunt.

Additionally, the magnetic motor will not produce any vibration while trimming and provide smooth cutting around the edge.

Color Guided Comb Settings

This version of Conair’s best men’s hair-cutting kits has color-guided comb settings. There are 8 comb settings, and the additional 2 are for left and right trimming.
If you face any problem regarding the cob attachments, the color coding is labelled at the front of the clipper with their respective lengths (1/8″ to 1″).

You will be glad to know that this version of Conair’s kit has 5 years of warranty. Therefore, if there are any operational difficulties, consulting with them will lead to an immediate solution.

Additional Safety Tools Included

Additionally, there are 10 pieces of tools that all shavers or trimmers require to apply some finishing touch to their facial hair. Firstly, there is a barber scissor, barber comb, and barber cape to maintain a clean environment in your home and, as mentioned earlier, get a barbershop feeling inside your house.

You can apply two additional clips to your hair to mark the particular area of trimming and get unwanted hair disturbance.

100% Hygienic Grooming

Apart from the stylish beard, Conair also provides lubricating oil to the users to maintain the condition of the clipper (fully functional). Last but not least, they also included a storage bag to easily carry the hair-cutting kit on your trip.


• It is 20 (Twenty) pieces of hygienic grooming hair-cutting kit.
• Different comb settings are to account for various stylish cuttings.
• The clipper has 5 sets of taper control equivalent to 55 different settings.
• It comes with an additional storage bag.


• The clipper makes a loud noise and vibrates a lot.

4. Conair 21 Piece Hair Clipper – Best Budget Hair Cutting Kit

Hair Cutting kit


• Brand name: Conair
• Power source type: Corded
• Additional components: Hair clipper




Conair cannot give it a rest! They have launched another version of their hair-cutting kit. This time, their total equipment is 21, and the package provides the best budget hair-cutting set.

Let’s see what features they have to offer!

Best Budget Hair Clipper Used by Professionals

As mentioned earlier, the package contains 21 pieces of hair-cutting equipment. Additionally, the clipper has 5-parameter taper control, and the powerful DC motor attached to it provides 50% more driving power than any other product supplied by Conair.

Therefore, when there is more power in control, the trimming experience will be less time-consuming and more efficient. So, along with all these features, this hair-cutting kit is an option for professionals.

9 Different Comb Settings with Additional Kits

Do you wish to cut your facial with different textures and with styles? Then these 9 different comb attachment settings will be perfect for you. The length of the attachments starts from 1/8″ and ends at 7/8″.

Unfortunately, the attachments are not color-coded like the previous version, but the compatible length is labelled at each end for your efficient identification.

Do you think these attachments are all there is? No! There are other additional tools, such as two barber combs, a scissor, 3 hair clips, and, most importantly, a storage bag that lets you carry your hair-cutting kit anywhere you wish.

100% Hygienic Grooming

The tools also have a cleaning brush and lubricating oil for hygienic grooming. Combining these two tools will help you maintain the condition of your clipper.
You can use the brush to remove all the hair from the blades and then apply the oil to lubricate the self-sharpening stainless steel blades.

Durable and Reliable

The blades are made of stainless steel, which speaks to the durability of this clipper. Furthermore, the comb attachments are durable regarding heavy-scale clipping or trimming.

If not used carelessly, this set of hair-cutting kits will serve you for a significant amount of time. Furthermore, if you face any problem with the product, they offer 5 years of warranty for any fix. Feel free to consult!


• Twenty-one pieces of the tool collection make it the best budget hair-cutting kit.
• 5 taper control which equals 55 different combinations of controls.
• The performance is durable and reliable.
• It comes with a storage bag which makes it easy to carry around.
• It has a powerful DC motor that produces 50% greater power.


• The motor creates a loud noise, which can be annoying.

5. Wahl Color Coded Cutting Guide – Best Comb Attachment Hair Cutting Kit

Hair Cutting kit


• Brand name: Wahl
• Material: Plastic
• Number of comb attachments: 8




Consider that your preferred comb attachments have broken and need an immediate replacement. Hence, Wahl has brought a set of hair-cutting kits that solely depends on comb attachments. Let’s check the details.

Provides Professional Cutting with Maximum Precision

These 8-pack hair-cutting comb attachments are so precise that they provide some of the best hair-cutting experiences ever. Moreover, the commercial grade accounts for durability, which attracts most professionals.

Though the package does not include any additional clipper or other tools such as a comb, scissors, and so on, the manufacturing company assumes that the user has all the kits available.

So, if you require new comb attachments, you know where to search and find some.

Provides Accuracy with Satisfaction

These comb attachments also shine in terms of accuracy. They fit perfectly over hair clippers (check them before buying, just for caution).

Apart from a good fit, they also slide through the facial hair without difficulties. Therefore, these comb attachments provide excellent accuracy in shaving and trimming and make the whole process comfortable for the user.

Color Coding Comb Attachments

For further convenience of the user, the comb attachments are color-coded according to and match almost every model of hair clippers with the color coding.

Still, to be more confident, the lengths (1/8” to 1”) are labelled at the front of each comb attachment. Make sure to cross-check these with your model of hair clippers before purchasing.


As we have already said that these color-guided comb attachments almost fit every model of hair clipper, but some other compatible models for these combs are Taper 2000, Designer, Super Taper II, Senior, Icon, Super Taper, Pro Basic, Pilot, 5 Star Balding, 5 Star Legend, 5 Star Magic Clip, 5 Star Senior, Cordless Designer.


• It is 08 (Eight) pieces of versatile comb attachments with color coding options.
• Huge range of attachment lengths, starting from 1/8” to 1”
• It provides professional-level cutting with maximum precision.
• The attachments are compatible with almost every model of hair clippers.
• Plastic but durable to serve for a significant period.


• The kit is expensive as it only provides comb attachments.

6. Philips Hair Clipper 7000 – Best Durable and Versatile Hair Cutting Kit

Hair Cutting kit


• Brand name: Philips
• Power source type: Corded and Cordless
• Additional components: Hair clipper




Till now, we have been discussing back and forth about different products manufactured by the same company. How about we change that? Philips are merging into the competition with their hair-cutting kit: Hair Clipper 7000.

Let’s dig into the wonderful features this model offers.

Suitable for Both Clipping and Trimming

Firstly, Philips made this product specially for trimming and clipping simultaneously (based on your preference). Apart from that, the whole body of the clipper is quite durable to handle such long heavy trimming or clipping tasks.

Versatile Length Settings

One of the most significant advantages of this hair clipper is its versatile length settings. You will be delighted to know that the starting length of the clipper cut is 0.5 mm and ends at 28 mm.

Overall, there are 28 different settings for trimming or clipping hair. Therefore, if you need to apply stylish shading or texture to your facial hair, then Philips barber hair-cutting kits will be the most suitable.

While talking about versatility, one important and most useful thing to mention about this model is that the clipper can function both in corded and cordless mode.

During the cordless mode, it will run for almost 90 minutes, and then you can connect it to the main electricity line. With a cordless connection, it helps the user to move and perform the trimming task.

Easy To Use and Wash

Most hair-cutting tools are somewhat complicated to use. But the control of Philips hair care clippers is effortless to control. Regarding durability, there are three comb attachments- one is plastic, and the other is stainless steel.

Both types of combs fit perfectly with the clipper and provide durable contact. Furthermore, according to the customer review and the manufacturer’s point of view, this clipper is also easy to wash.

Turbo Mode

Another stunning feature of this hair clipper is that it can run in turbo mode. This mode enables more power from the clipper’s motor, allowing the blade to drive through the thick facial hair.


• It can run both in cord and cordless mode.
• The turbo mode drives more power to cut the thick hair.
• Durable comb attachments- one plastic and two stainless steel.
• It is easy to use and wash.


• The plastic comb attachment does not fit perfectly with the clipper.

7. Conair 12 Piece Hair Clipper – Best Hair Cutting Kit for

WomenHair Cutting kit


• Brand name: Conair
• Power source type: Corded
• Additional components: Hair clipper



So, no matter which different product you choose, Conair has had an adverse effect when it comes to the best hair-cutting kits review. Therefore, we have another kit from them- 12 pieces with a hair clipper.

Like other hair-cutting kits, it is best known for its simplicity in design, application, and price.

Perfect Barbering Experience at Home

Like other Conair products, it also provides all the basic trimming or clipping experience that will give the user a barbershop experience in this house. Additionally, it is also an excellent tool for the whole family to use.

Smooth and Simple Control

When it comes to the collection of comb attachments provides 6 different lengths, starting from 1/8″ to ½” to fit with the clipper. All the combs fit perfectly at the top.

Additionally, the combs sail smoothly, and the blade applies some smooth cutting, thus giving you a comfortable trimming. Moreover, according to the manufacturers, this hair kit is specially designed for women to gain confidence in trimming.

Durable Tools

Apart from all the comb attachments, the blades consist of stainless steel, which is also self-sharpening and long-lasting. Other durable additional tools involved are one barber comb, one scissor, one brush, and not to mention, a hair clipper.

Comfortable Grooming

Additionally, the Conair product also supplies you with a lubricating oil case which you can apply to the blades to maintain the hair clipper after brushing the blades for cleaning.

If one applies this comfortable grooming to their hair cutting kits, that kit will considerably serve you for a long time.


• Just like Conair, this version of the hair kit provides the perfect barber experience in the house.
• It is Durable, with self-sharpening stainless-steel blades.
• It is known as the best hair-cutting kit for women.
• Simple and compact design.


• It needs a storage bag to carry the kit.

Buying Guide – Hair Cutting kit

Up to this point, you must have had a clear-cut idea about the best hair-cutting kits, but do you know what parameters to consider before making a purchase?

Hence, we have also organized a buying guide for you to consider each parameter individually and make a faster and more efficient decision.
So, here goes our buying guide for the top hair-cutting kits:

Motor Power

In general, a large proportion of the users of the hair-cutting kit go for the ones with the clippers. A buyer should focus on the motor’s power when going for a clipper.

If your hair is thick and large, you will need a powerful motor to drive through those thick hair follicles. Hence, while looking at different hair-cutting clippers, choose a powerful motor.

Number of Comb Attachments

After shortening your hair, you will likely want to shape or style it. To establish that, you must have different comb attachments with different lengths.

Therefore, always look at the number of comb attachments a particular hair-cutting kit offers. The greater the number of attachments, the more room for you to style your haircut.

Quality of the Blade

It is often a common blame towards many brands of hair-cutting kits for home use that the longevity of the blade could be better. Though the lasting period depends upon the

frequency of use and the type of hair, a blade must serve its owner for a significant period.
Therefore, always look for blades with carbon steel or stainless steel. These types of blades are termed to be the most durable in terms of sharpening and, not to mention, require less maintenance.

Electric Cords or Cordless

You must also decide whether to purchase a corded or cordless hair-cutting kit. Though the corded clippers offer more power from the source and are long-lasting, they will require a certain place to operate.

On the other hand, cordless clippers offer more flexibility and mobile use, but they seem to malfunction after a certain period. Additionally, the batteries might require changing, and the charging period may not satisfy some users.

Additional Accessories

The most important part while looking for a barber hair-cutting kit is to look for the number of additional accessories it provides. These accessories might include cleaning brushes, oil, blade guards, scissors, and many more.

These kits will help you to maintain your hair kit and also assist you in hair shaping.

Well-known Brand and Warranty

One should buy a hair clipper from a well-reputed brand such as Philips, Conair, Wahl, and many more. Apart from the reputation, one should also look to see if there is any warranty to rely on.

If you face any technical or operating issues related to your clipper, you can demand a fix, replacement, or a money-back offer.

Customer Reviews

Lastly, while looking for hair-cutting kits at Walmart or Amazon, you should always check out the customer review section. Though you might find some paid reviews, some authentic reviews tell you about the product’s durability, quality, and reliability.

Apart from that, the first thing to do is to select your budget. Once you select your price range, you can narrow down many options, which will help you choose faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the things included inside a hair-cutting kit?

A typical hair-cutting kit mainly contains a hair clipper or trimmers, various sizes of comb attachments for the stylish cut, a scissor, a comb, a cleaning brush for the blade, and lubricating oil for the maintenance of the clipper. Sometimes, a hair-cutting kit comes with a storage bag for transportation.

2. Do we need to take any safety precautions while using a hair-cutting kit?

Yes! Taking safety precautions while using a hair-cutting kit is extremely important. Firstly, learn how to use a clipper before taking it on your beard or hair. While using a corded electric hair clipper, ensure your hands are dry to avoid any electric shock. Lastly, always unplug the clipper after you are finished working with it, and regularly clean it for maintenance.

3. Can I use a hair-cutting kit to cut my beard or facial hair?

Yes! A hair-cutting kit is mainly manufactured to serve people with a beard or other facial hair cutting. But make sure you are experienced while using such a kit. Using the wrong blade or comb can result in uneven trimming. Our suggestion will be to read the user’s manual before engaging.


Why do we need the best hair-cutting kits with us? So that we can control the growth of facial hair in our body and represent a good outlook. Having a portable hair-cutting kit is necessary.

A good kit should have every necessary length of comb attachment, brush, scissors, and lubricating oil. We have also seen there are certain factors to consider before purchasing one hair-cutting kit.

Most importantly, one should always check the customer review before buying one. If you want our opinion, Conair 10 Piece Hair Clipper will be a perfect model for those with a kin budget.

On the other hand, if you want your hair-cutting kit to be ideal, go for Conair 21 Piece Hair Clipper. And, for all those women out there, feel confident and get one Conair 12 Piece Hair Clipper for you today.