How To Brush Your Hair For Men – Real Style

Brush Your Hair For Men

How To Brush Your Hair For Men?  Easy and simple? You experienced it each morning.

Only one method, similar techniques, and exact tool…..

But I’m going to tell you, you’re mistaken for a long time. There might be some type of best hairbrush you don’t know about, that could make your hairstyle more likely to give confidence. There might be right information about men’s hair brushing and styling.

This article has everything knowing about is a must.

Most guys always trying to spend little time in the bathroom as possible, that’s why they tend to make their hair shorter.

I think how long your hair is, what texture it is, attaining greater hair doesn’t take a lot of time and effort, as long as you think.

I have never given any attention to the equipment I use to make my hair, Comb? brush? I just apply the first one I find.

Should I truly give a thought to brushing tools and techniques? To explain this knotty question here are the tips for all men to achieve their best hair.

Just hear me out about Brush Your Hair For Men…

Types of hair brushes

You need some techniques and tools either comb or brush to style your hair. In this blog, we will give a detailed description of different hairbrushes. Before we know more about hairbrushes, here is the general division of styling tools.

1) Pocked comb

  • The pocked comb is a simple and effective tool for styling. The teeth of such type of comb are closely padded, to distribute moister and hair product all around the head.
  • It will also help you if you apply any type of medication to the scalp.
  • Best for short thick hair.

2) Wide tooth comb

  • This comb has installed a unique row of teeth; the teeth are spaced over a large area more widely compared to the average comb.
  • The comb is normally found of plastic or wood material, however, wooden products are nicer in distributing moisture and oil/ products.
  • Here you don’t need to pull much on wet hair, that’s why there might be limited damaging risk.
  • Work better for thin or thick straight hair.

3) Foldable comb

  • The teeth of the comb are placed very tightly and the name describe-foldable.
  • It’s easy to style your hair as the handle also functions as a casing that comes in a handle.
  • Best for thin straight hair.

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Ever best properties brush to use

There is all sort of brushes on the market, but recommending the best brush for you, just apply the general rule.

The tightly placed bristles are, ideal they are for perfect hair. You also need to prefer brushes with bristles that come with either synthetic or natural materials.

  • Brushes of natural bristles
    The natural bristle brush is made of boar bristles. These bristles can easily disperse your hair natural shine. Bristles are placed close together which work best in perfect hair.
  • Brushes of synthetic bristles
    Synthetic is basically made of plastic or nylon. Bristles are generally placed more on the brush surface to work best for coarse and thick hair. They also participate in detangling the hair.
  • Combination bristles brushes
    Combination bristles offer the quality of both types, as they can add shine and detangle the hair. Being versatile they work fine for those who have normal hair.

Guide to the different hair brushes for guys

1. Paddle brush

  • This brush is effectively fattened.
  • The bristles are fitted on a delicate rubber cushion that makes them collapse and avoid hair stretching out.
  • The tips are specifically designed to reduce hair snagging and scalp damage.
  • Work for thin or thick straight long hair.

2. Rectangle brush

  • This brush is effectively fattened.
  • The bristles are fitted on a delicate rubber cushion that makes them collapse and avoid hair stretching out.
  • The tips are specifically designed to reduce hair snagging and scalp damage.
  • Work for thin or thick straight long hair.

3. Vented brush

  • Vented brush style the hair without disturbing your makeup and flattering its shape. It’s a good way for getting more volume.
  • To allow more hair flow, holes are made on the backsides to provide an easy drying process, this so-called vented brush.
  • Work for thick and thin straight hair, wavy hair, and coiled hair.

4. Oval brush

  • An oval brush is an oval form of a paddle brush. It has bristles that are more closely placed.
  • Work for coiled hair and wavy hair of any length.

5. Round brush

  • The round brush is a cylinder-shaped brush that can be found in various sizes.
  • A round barrel provides it more easy movement.
  • Work for guys who going to fix up wavy patterns and their curls.

6. Denman brush

  • The Denman hairbrush is also famous as the classic styling hairbrush.
  • It is the best option for redistributing oil, providing further shine to your hair.
  • Best for short-haired guys.

7. Hairbrush sponge

  • This is a specialized men’s hair brush made of quality sponge materials.
  • Small holes are included to guarantee to space.
  • It needs to be used for hair that’s a little.
  • Work for kinky hair.

How to brush the hair precisely

Brushing the hair is one of the easy, simple, and daily tasks that can easily forget about. However, if you get the right hairstyle, brushing makes you look attractive for an important event and will changes your whole scene of style.

Follow me! If you wish to know the right brushing process to project a beautiful look than ever before.

                      A. Apply a little amount of getting to the hair

Put some amount of hair gel or other product into your palm. Rub your hand together to spread it all around your hands, run your hand against your hair starting from forward to the backside, coating your hair with a sheet of the product.

Continuous until your whole hairs are covered. More products may be a must for long hair.

                      B. Brush your hair from front to back

Now you have coated your hair with a layer of products. With a comb or bristles brush, brush your hair from front to back until you look all the hair is in one place.

                      C. Follow your hair with a blow dryer

Now you have made a simple style of your hair. Blow hairdryer to shape it further. Hold it over on your head with a low, cool setting to press the hair.

If you want to get more volume, hold the hairdryer in front of the head.

                      D. Again apply a little amount of gel to your hair to hold it in place

You have established your hair and styled it with a brush. The hair now is fine and perfect.

Still, if you want to keep your hair from moving. Use a little more holding product. Take a small amount of such product, put it in your palm and rub it, then gently run it over the whole surface of your hair.

Benefits of hair brushing

You may not give it much attention when it comes to brushing your hair. But did you know that there’s a right way and wrong way to go through this daily task?

With a few adjustments, the right tool, and brushing the right way you can boost your hair health and appearance.

Let me tell you what the benefits of brushing your hair are.

The sebaceous gland located at the base of your hair follicles produces a natural oil. By brushing your hair this natural oil is properly distributed from the root of your hair to the end, giving them a natural shine and lubricate your scalp.

Secondly brushing your hair gives a mini massage and stimulates your scalp.

Normally between 50 to 100 strands of hair shed a day. When you brush your hair, it can help remove hair.


Knowing how to brush your hair the right way can help prevent damage and breakage. It helps you keep your hair healthy, free of tangles, and have a shiny finish.

Haircare experts recommend brushing your hair twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night before bed to distribute your scalp natural oil thoroughly.

It’s important to use a different approach when you brushing your hair wet vs. dry.

If you have brittle, damaged, or excess hair loss. Consider seeing a doctor or dermatologist.


How often you should brush your hair?

Brushing more is associated with more hair loss, so hair doesn’t need 100 brush strokes a day.

Researchers found that with brushing less frequently, hair loss reduced greatly.

With that said, we recommend combing your hair twice a day, once in the morning and the second at night before bed. This is a healthy way to distribute your hair natural oil.

Should I brush my hair wet or dry?

Absolutely no is the answer to brush your hair wet. Hairs are more fragile when they’re wet and there is a high chance of breakage.

Gently run out excess of water just after the shower. Naturally, dry your hair up to 70% then you can use a blow dry if you wish to, and brush it.

How do I get smooth hair?

Wash your hair with warm water and then rinse with cold water. The cold water rinse at the end causes to keep the hair together.

Suck up the excess water and only treat the ends, don’t condition the roots.

Use gel to style it smooth.

Which type of hairbrush is best for hair brushing?

You should prefer a brush with bristles made of natural or synthetic materials. Paddle brush-covered all these needs, made with different types of bristles.

Bristles made of nylon and synthetic materials can run smoothly through textured hair. So go happily for paddle brush.