Best Straight Razors For Beginners [Ultimate Guide]

Best Straight Razors For Beginners

Can you possibly think of anything that is more manliest than someone shaving their facial hair with a straight razor, like the way it used to be when there was no machinery to be used on the face? Although many people will flinch away at the very idea of shaving their facial hairs or any other body part with a straight razor, do you know it is one of the best ways to get the closest shave possible?

Yes, no other method can give you such a smooth and dangerously attractive-looking face as the straight razor can do. Yet there is so much misconception about straight razors, which is not only misleading but also foolish as well. If you use a straight razor, you will also minimize the chance of any nicks and pulls as well.

Yes, there is a certain chance to mess it up and get a cut on the face, but you need to learn how to properly use a straight razor before even jumping into it straight away. So, what are the best straight razors for beginners you should be using? Well, let’s find out!

Straight Razor Natural Wood Scale Handmade

The Overview:

Straight Razor Natural Wood Scale Handmade, which is a unique product from naked armor and it is an excellent straight razor to have for having a safe and smooth clean shave. The blade in it is quite thin and sharp. You can shave anything from your beard and mustache, even pubes as well. Also, there is nothing to worry about if it gets dull after shaving for some days because Zertone provides you Replaceable Shavette blades with it so that you can get going with your shaving. Whenever the blade gets dull, remove the used one and insert a new blade. Now the razor is like new and good to go for serving again!

It is Quite Friendly for The Beginners:

If you are new to straight shaving, this best starter straight razor might be the one you are looking forward to. The blade comes pre-sharpened manually, so it’s very convenient for people who are just starting with a straight razor.

Excellent build and design:

The razor is made of solid carbon steel, and it is of excellent quality. The scale, on the other hand, is made of mahogany wood and contoured to fit your palm for a better grip. Its hollow design gives space to the razor to dry and do not help bacteria grow there. Shaving will never feel stressful at all if you are going to use this one. And if you are a hairy person, you will bless this from your heart as it gives the closest shave possible.

  • It’s hygienic and safe for the skin as the blades are replaceable
  • One of the Best razors for those who are new to straight razor shaving.
  • It has a beautiful appearance with a unique design.
  • Carbon steel provides stability and durability.
  • It comes in a hollow design, which is very helpful to dry the razor after you are done with it.
  • It is made with premium quality materials but very reasonable in price.
  • Less useful for stiff hair.
  • Not made in the USA

Best Shavette Straight Razor By Naked Armor

The Overview:

As we are featuring the best straight razors for beginners, nothing better than a naked armor one, and there are quite a few reasons why many consider Naked Armor is one of the best straight razor brands at this time.

Great For People Who are Just Starting Out:

This Best Shavette Straight Razor by Naked Armor will make an intimidating thing such as shaving with a straight razor the beginners into a much more comfortable experience for sure. The 15.7 cm blade is made in a way to get you the best and most precise shave every time yet letting you have the safest shave possible for beginners.

No Learning Curve:

Most of the blade users need to go through a learning curve. But this one is a little different. It is easy to change for better hygiene and sharp shaving, which is quite necessary for people who are just starting and do not know that much about handling straight razors.

Quite Well Made:

It is pretty lightweight, and everything from its handle to the blade is visibly a work of precision. It will not disappoint you one bit with the quality of metal as well.

  • It comes with replaceable shavette blades to give you the impeccable close shave.
  • Very stylish look and excellent performance
  • Perfect for beginners as well as for experts also.
  • Just need to replace the disposable blade if it gets blunt.
  • Maintenance is easier.
  • A little bit pricey
  • Can be a bit hard to open

Black Straight Razor Blade

The Overview:

Not getting a close shave is annoying for any man. It can be even more difficult and frustrating for people who have a rather thick and coarse set of hair on their faces. But if you have felt disappointed with everything else, try out this black straight razor. Even though it is quite an expensive razor for sure, it will certainly get you great results.

High-quality Blade:

It is honed to perfection that will work against your skin to give you the closest shave you can get. The blade and steel come from the east, japan to be precise, and they do take their job seriously. Many men face problems getting a great close shave due to their ineffective and quite cheaply made straight razors. If you do not want to take chances this time, then rely on the Japanese steel blade, whether you are just starting or have some experience under your belt.

Designed for Precision and Balance:

The handle is made of biblical algum, and it’s also accented with a two-sided gold copper head. Such a well-made handle will give you better balance and control over your job. Hence no fear of accident if you are new to the straight shaving thing as it is the best straight razor for beginners.

  • It is beautifully handcrafted and a long-lasting straight razor.
  • It comes with a durable biblical algum wood handle for excellent balance.
  • Genuine Japanese Engineering.
  • Along with the necessary accessories, it includes a leather travel case also.
  • The warranty policy is so simple and straightforward if you don’t like it for any reason, they will refund you.
  • It takes a bit of time to sharpen
  • The cost is high.

Pure Wood Shaving Razor/Cut-Throat Razors/Men Razor

The Overview

As most professional barbers need something better than just regular razors, the classic wood shaving razor is something that will not disappoint you as it is used mostly by professional barbers. So you can imagine how effective it is if you are just starting with straight razor shaving.

The Design is On The Point:

The handle comes a hundred percent natural and without any paint. The screw that holds the razor is made of brass, and if the screw becomes loose. After a few years of use, you can tighten it like no big deal.

Very Affordable:

This one is a little cheaper compared to the quality of all the razors. It has good weight and a beginner-friendly razor too. So perfect shave is very much possible for now with this best straight blade razor for beginners.

  • Excellent value beginner’s shavette.
  • It looks so classic.
  • It maintains hygiene as the handle is made of 100% natural wood, so there is no paint or polish or anything artificial to irritate your skin.
  • It provides fine-tuning due to the installation of a brass screw.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Some might find the changing of blades a little bit difficult.
  • The woods in the handle is not finished.

Best Shavette Straight Razor – Replaceable Blade Razor

The Overview:

As we said earlier here, naked armor is one of the best straight razor manufacturers out there. So no way we could make a list of the ten best straight razors for beginners, and there wouldn’t be more than a few razors for them. Here is another one that is quite excellent at getting you the best close shave possible. But remember that any shavette comes with a little learning curve, and practice will make you perfect gradually. So do not be frustrated in the first use.

Hygienic and Safe to Use:

Replaceable shaving razor is more hygienic than the others. You can maintain that hygiene with this razor after 5 or 10 shaves. A dull razor is not going to give you satisfactory results, so a replaceable one is better to go for.

Easy to handle:

The blade is 15.7 cm and only 2.4 ounces, and you will not face much difficulty even if you are a beginner. Best of all, it does not require that much maintenance, and you can go on months even without any stropping and sharpening.

  • It includes everything you need to get started.
  • It contains replaceable shavette, which gives you an exact close shave
  • You can easily replace the disposable blade to make it sharp as new again.
  • Some might find it a bit costly.
  • Not made in the USA.

Shaving Soap Vs Regular Soap – Ingredients Differences

Ingredients of Regular Soap:

  • A combination of fats and oils is used to make a balanced soap bar as different oils have different types of characteristics. Palm oil and coconut oil can be used to make a hard bar that has more high-cleansing abilities with features if producing big bubbles along with sufficient lather. And, the olive oil is somewhat gentle in nature. So, altogether they have the ability to make a balanced regular soap.
  • Sodium hydroxide is also used as the alkali for the production of a solid soap bar.
  • Water and other liquids like milk or beer.
  • Colorants are also used depending on the manufacturing design.
  • Kaolin Clay is another ingredient that is added to produce a good slip. It also works for anchoring any kind of fragrance you want to include.
  • Other forms of additives like fragrance, petals, pumice, etc.

We have divided this section into some sub-sections so that you can easily understand the key differences between shaving and regular soap in terms of specific criteria.

Ingredients of Regular Soap:

  • Shaving soap is made using almost the same kind of technology that is used for producing a traditional soap with a slight variation of ingredient selection with the sole purpose of producing slick and stable lather.
  • Sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide are most probably used as saponification agents. Sodium hydroxide tends to make the soap as harder. So, potassium hydroxide is added to make a softer soap that can be applied on the face with a shaving brush.
  • Tallow is known to be one of the most popular ingredients (traditionally) used to produce shaving soap.
  • Palm oil is thought to be a substitute for tallow at present because it doesn’t possess any animal fat.
  • Coconut oil is a common oil that is widely used for the production of shaving soap.
  • Components like stearic acid and fatty acid are also for the production of shaving soap as they have the properties to create a more dense stable lather.

Shaving Soap Vs Regular Soap – Features Differences

Features of Regular Soap

Usually, regular soap tends to be somewhat hard in nature. The main reason for producing a hard soap bar is it lasts for a longer time. Always keep in mind – the harder a soap bar, the longer it will last.

Cleansing is thought to be the main purpose of using regular soap. This is the most important factor is regular soap quality. To be more specific, there is some kind of carbon atoms’ chain in a soap molecule. One end of that chain attracts the oil and the other end attracts water. In this way, regular soap works for cleaning the dirt.

After the use of soap, what is left behind is known as emollients. And, it varies depending on the type of soap you’re going to use. For instance, if you have more dry skin, then we would suggest you go for a soap that has moisturizing emollients that will work for preventing water evaporation.


This feature of regular soap varies because not every person will like the same fragrance type. And, that’s the reason, soap manufacturing companies offer soaps with numerous types of fragrances. It gives you the option of choosing the type you like most.

Features of Shaving Soap​

To shave the first thing you want to create is lather. And, to have a comfortable shave, you will expect to have more of a stable lather. Shaving soap has the properties that have the ability to create a stable dense lather that will help you get a comfortable shave.

Another feature of shaving soap is slickness. Because of the slickness of lather created by shaving soap, you get the advantage of gliding the blade easily over your skin without having much irritation.

Shaving soaps have some kinds of moisturizing agents that keep your skin from being dried. At the same time, these ingredients will work for softening the whiskers that is needed for a BBS shave. For sensitive skin, moisturizing agents included in the shaving soaps give some kind of better feeling after the shaving is performed.

When you glide the blade over your skin, it causes some kind of damage to your skin even though there is a stable, slick lather. For that reason, shaving soaps have ingredients like anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, or skin-nurturing properties.

Shaving Soap Vs Regular Soap – Chemical & Physical Properties

For shaving soap, the production of bubble thing or lather is the main purpose. For that reason, a long chain of 18 carbons is used. And, this sort of long chain of carbon can be found in coconut oil or beef tallow.

On the other hand, for regular soap where the sole purpose is cleaning, typically shorter chain line 12 carbons is used. This way it works for removing dirt or other harmful substances from your body or skin.

Another way to distinguish shaving soap from regular soap is through glass temperature transition. The glass transition temperature is known to be the temperature at which the soap starts to flow. A bar of shaving soap tends to flow at a very lower temperature than a typical regular soap. To get a real-life demonstration, you can put shaving soap and regular soap in a microwave at a low temperature. Then, you can find the differences in temperature that we have already discussed.

Another thing we want to include to distinguish shaving soap from regular soap is glycerin content. We can say that shaving soap is full of glycerin or there is a higher percentage of glycerin in it which works for improving your skin feel and will also work as some kind of moisturizer.

Besides, shaving soap is typically produced in a colder environment. This kind of environment helps to shave soaps to have some sort of residual oils inside it. Also, the glycerin remains within the soap at a higher percentage. On the contrary, regular soaps are produced at a normal temperature which is higher than the temperature used for the production of shaving soaps.

So, we have got a clear idea that soap production environment, production procedures, the fat composition used for production are the main reasons that basically distinguish shaving soaps from regular soaps.


Wrap Up:

So, we have got a clearer picture on the topic – what is the difference between shaving soap and regular soap.

It is always ‘IMPORTANT’ that you use the right kind of soap for a specific purpose. If you previously used regular soaps for your shaving thing, it is high time you change this habit of yours as we have already come to the difference between shaving soap and regular soap.

Our entire discussion has mainly been divided into sections like ingredients, features, chemical, and physical properties so that you get a deeper knowledge about the differences lying between regular soap and shaving.

From our analysis, we are quite sure that we have successfully added all the necessary points and angles that can give you the clearest picture.

Still, if you think that we have missed out on a vital point, you can give us a message. We will surely look into it.