The Best Men’s Skin Care Routine & Some Secret Tips For Male Skin

The Best Men’s Skin Care Routine & Some Secret Tips For Male Skin
The Best Men’s Skin Care Routine & Some Secret Tips For Male Skin

Women always give a higher level of priority in taking care of their skin. But, these days, men tend to become more and more conscious when it comes to skin care. And, that’s the reason, men, at the current time, have become more desperate while searching for the best men’s skincare routine.

Well, I personally believe that every man should give a top priority on maintaining a proper skin care routine. And, this can be possible when you have a complete understanding of the most advanced men’s daily skin care routine.

As far as I can recall, I got numerous numbers of emails from my readers, who have a higher level of curiosity regarding the best male skin care routine. At the same time, I feel that men should also become more aware of the benefits of a proper skin care routine.

Keeping all of these in mind, I made a plan to perform extensive research on this particular topic. So, I investigated as I had planned, and here I am with a comprehensive discussion on good skin care routine for guys.

For helping you out with the fullest, I have divided the following sections regarding the best men’s skin care routine into a few sub-sections. Besides, I believe that each of these sections will help you in getting the right kind of direction that you should follow for a proper sort of skin care.

Besides, I will share some SECRET tips about men’s skin care routine that I have been following for the last couple of years. And, to be frank, I got huge benefits from those secret tips that I will discuss at the end of this article.

Before we make a jump into the detailed guidelines of the best make skin care routine, I think it would be better for you to know the type of skin you have.

Identifying Your Skin Type

It’s quite common that most men do not have any idea about their skin type. In fact, many men don’t even know that skin can be of varied types.

But, the first thing in taking care of your skin is to identify your skin type.

When you know which type of skin you have, you can understand the necessary steps that you should follow to ensure a proper level of skin care.

Here is a list of the Skin Types: Try to identify which skin type best matches your current skin condition.

Oily Skin

It is very to recognize this type of skin. If your skin has visible and large pores with a greasy and shiny texture, then probably you have oily skin. An acne breakout is a common phenomenon for oily skin.

Dry Skin

If you feel a bit tightness in your skin, then it is quite certain that you have dry skin. This skin type is prone to itchiness. So, you may feel that it can crack at the time of smiling too hard.

Normal Skin

This is the type of skin that everyone wishes for. This skin type is neither too oily nor too dry. The pores of normal skin are invisible or too small. And the best part is a pimple breakout is a rare incident that occurs in this skin type.

Combination Skin

Most men fall into this particular category. When your skin has a T-zone, it is more likely that you have the combination skin with some oily areas and dry areas as well.

This skin type is more prone to a pimple breakout because of the oily areas. At the same time, the dry areas will cause itchiness that is indeed a disgusting experience that no man wants to have.

Sensitive Skin

When you have dry, oily, or combination skin with sensitivity, then there is a higher chance that you have sensitive skin.

Men with sensitive skin have to be very CAREFUL while using any skin care products as these can bring unwanted reactions. Even simple itchiness can lead to a severe level of skin problem when you have sensitive skin.

Therefore, you have to choose the skin care products after conducting thorough research.

Aging Skin

If your skin has age spots with wrinkles, then it is certain that you have aging skin. You may develop this skin type if you don’t take care of your skin for a long period of time.

When you can identify your skin type, it becomes easy for you to prepare the skin care routine accordingly. At the same time, you can also take a look at the men’s face care beauty tips that work best for your skin type. Beauty tips also help to increase the speed of your skin care methods.

Addressing Skin Problems

This particular section is mainly prepared for men who are suffering from acne and pimple problems. It is a dream for every man to have a facial skin where there is no pimple or acne issue.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, around 50 million Americans have a typical acne problem. So, my friend, you are not alone in this journey.

Your acne or pimple problems can be treated at home if you follow a good skin care routine on a regular basis.

If you think that you have tried out all those home treatments, then I recommend you pay a visit to an expert dermatologist.

But, if the truth is that you haven’t been consistent while following the best men’s skin care routine, then I must say – it is TIME to START.

A daily skin care routine with good quality skin care products can help you deal with the current and future pimples on your facial skin.

Best Men’s Skin Care Routine

In this section, I will talk about the best male skin care routine that actually works in reality. To get the BEST result, you have to follow exactly what I’m going to discuss.

Morning Routine For Men’s Skin Care

The morning skin care routine is the most vital one as it puts your skin in order to deal with all the hard things that come in your day.

Women always give a higher level of priority in taking care of their skin. But, these days, men tend to become more and more conscious when it comes to skin care. And, that’s the reason, men, at the current time, have become more desperate while searching for the best men’s skincare routine.

If you are a bit bothered about the time it will take for the morning skin care routine; then I should say – don’t be.

Actually, it would take only a few minutes to prepare your skin for fighting with the pollutants, the sun, dust, and every other thing you may come across while you are outside, and even, at times, when you are in the interior environments.

You should add the following steps to your morning skin care routine –

1. Cleansing Your Face

It is obvious that you wash your facial skin when you are in the shower. But washing your skin with water and soap or a body wash won’t do the work.

It would be BEST if you use a high quality men’s face cleanser to get the job done in the most appropriate way.

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Cleansing your skin thoroughly in the morning is more than essential. When you sleep, different types of toxins and oils come out from the pores of the skin. And, it is necessary to clean those toxic oils.

At the same time, cleaning your face thoroughly will remove the exfoliating acids that come from the night-time facial products. And those retinol acids may react negatively if those stay on your skin during day time.

If you use a random face cleanser, it may cause various types of skin related problems. So, my advice is that you should look for a good quality men’s face cleanser that possesses some healthy ingredients as well.

2. Use A Brightening Serum

When you are outside, it is quite common that your skin may become dull at a faster speed. The reason is the scorching heat of the sun.

In this case, I think that using a good quality brightening serum would help you keep your skin tone even if you pass a whole day working outside.

A brightening serum will also help you to fight with the skin discoloration as well.

Therefore, do not forget to add a brightening serum to your skin care routine if you really want to achieve your desired type of skin tone.

3. Apply A Rejuvenating Moisturizer

If you think that applying a brightening serum after cleansing your facial skin is enough to put a full stop to your morning skin care routine, then you are completely WRONG, my friend.

It is essential to keep your skin hydrated because it helps to protect your facial skin. At the same time, it helps in increasing the speed of cell production.

To do so, you have to use a Rejuvenating Moisturizer. A good quality moisturizer will reduce the wrinkles and fines likes while supplying the moisture needed by your skin.

Besides, applying the best rated moisturizer will also make your skin smoother. And this will help to give you a younger look.

But, the problem occurs when you try to look for the best men’s face moisturizer. In that case, I would recommend you to make a proper kind of research before you buy one.

4. Don’t Forget To Add An Eye Cream

It is pretty much obvious that no one wants to have dark circles under the eyes. For this purpose, I suggest you add a top quality eye cream to your morning skin care routine.

A good quality eye cream not only helps you in fighting with the dark circles, it also helps to control the aging signs on your skin.

Evening Routine For Men’s Skin Care

You should be aware of the fact that your skin needs something different in the evening than that of the morning. So, you have to prepare the right kind of evening skin care routine depending on the needs of your skin.

The daytime skin care routine will help your skin by giving protection from the pollution, dirt, and the sun.

But, the evening men’s skin care routine will nourish your skin along with supplying everything it needs to repair the facial skin.

Here are the steps that you need to add to your evening skin care routine –

1. Cleanse Your face Again

Cleansing you face again in the evening is like a must-to-do in the evening skin care routine for men. You can’t just skip this as it is the first step that helps the next steps to work effectively.

Dirt and sweat can create a blockage in the pores of the facial skin. So, a thorough cleansing is an essential step to get rid of such blockage.

In this case, you can choose a good quality men’s face cleanser depending on the type of your skin.

2. Add A Hydrating Serum

After the cleaning thing, it is time to add the needed nutrients and moisture to your skin. And, for that purpose, you should  use an efficient, super hydrating serum for your facial skin.

The best time to apply the hydrating serum is right after you clean your face because it is the most appropriate time when nutrients can start working on repairing your skin condition.

Another thing you should remember here is to apply the serum before using any night-time moisturizer.

Since there are wide ranges of hydrating serums are available, so finding the perfect one would be a bit challenging for you. In this case, you should make an in-depth research on the best rated hydrating serums for men so that you can get the right one.

3. Use An Intensive Moisturizer

You just can’t use the daytime moisturizer in the evening because of the difference in their working methods.

The evening moisturizer is a bit slow-absorbing because it takes the whole night to supply the moisture to your facial skin. Besides, the water loss during the sleep needs a moisturizer that works in a slower procedure.

Therefore, you should look for a good quality nighttime moisturizer that can help to moisturize your skin according to the needs of your skin.

4. Don’t Forget The Eye Cream

Except for the time you sleep, the muscles around the eyes are always involved in continuous movements. If you don’t take proper steps to treat those muscles, then unwanted lines may appear around your eyes.

In this case, you should apply a high quality eye cream around your eyes at least an hour before you go to sleep.

If you use a prominent eye cream brand, it will also help in fighting with the dark circles under the eyes.

Proper Diet And Nutrition

Without healthy hormones, you can’t just expect healthy skin. I must tell you the fact that diet plays a remarkable role in ensuring healthy skin.

The dietary keys that help me to get healthy skin are as follows –

  • Minimizing sugar (no chance of consuming any processed sugar).
  • Minimizing carbs.
  • Avoiding processed and inflammatory foods.
  • Eating fermented foods daily.

Since I have maintained healthy skin through following the above, so I suggest you should do the same.

Sun Protection

Before you go outside, it is a must that you should think about protecting your skin from the sun. And, that’s when you need a high quality sunscreen to give protection to your facial skin.

If you don’t take any step to protect the skin from the sun, then you may lose the natural tone of the skin. In fact, your skin may experience an uneven texture, which no one wants to have.

So, you must have to add a good quality sunscreen to your skin care routine.

Do The Right Exercise

Regular exercise can play a vital role in improving the condition of your skin. When you exercise, your body releases those feel-good endorphins. And it helps to reduce the amount of everyday tension. And consequently, it can help in reducing the strain on the skin.

At the same time, work out helps to increase the blood flow in your body. So, your skin gets the necessary amount of blood to keep the natural tone.

As a result, you look more youthful when you exercise on a regular basis.

According to my own exercise, I would suggest you exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. This will surely work like a charm.

Do this and thanks me later!

Try To Ensure Enough Sleep

You should know the fact that your body takes rest and regenerates while you sleep. There is a second stage in your sleep that is known as the Delta Sleep.

The hormone levels and the cells of your body start to repair automatically during the Delta Sleep.

When you do not have a sound sleep, dark circles can appear under your eyes. Besides, the normal flow of blood circulation can also get hampered because of not having proper sleep at night.

It will be BEST if you sleep for 7 to 8 hours in the night-time as it will help to repair the cells and hormones of your body. And, ultimately, the condition of your skin will improve as well.

Secret Tips About The Best Male Skin care Routine

As I made a promise above, it is time I will share some SECRET tips about the best men’s skin care routine.

  • Do not smoke. If you a habit of smoking, you have to quit that immediately. Keep in mind that smoking can develop the early signs of aging.
  • Drink at least 4-6 liters of water every day – the more, the better.
  • Never go outside without applying sunscreen on your skin.
  • Try to eat plenty of watery vegetables and fruits every day.
  • Try to minimize the amount of stress.

The tips I mentioned above have helped me to maintain a healthy skin that I have always dreamt of. You can follow these tips if you want the same.


By this time, you have got to know everything that makes the best men’s skin care routine.

I believe that I have successfully explained all the points about a good skin care routine for guys. To give you a piece of in-depth knowledge, I have prepared a separate skin care routine for morning and routine. At the same time, I have also explained why you need different face care products for different parts of the day.

Last of all, I have shared some SECRET tips about the best male skin care routine that every man should strictly follow.

If you can maintain the skin care routine I described above; you can hope to protect your skin from varieties of unwanted skin related problems.

Still, if you want any assistance regarding your skin care, you can send me a personal message via email.

I will look into your problem, do the necessary research, and surely come up with the most appropriate solution.

This is what I had for you about the perfect men’s skin care routine.

Take Care!